Office Space Gets Official Game, Coming to Android

Almost 20 years ago we saw the release of a cult hit film called Office Space. It was a sad homage to the life of an office worker who attempted to get his life in order only to see that fail miserably. In the end, he finds happiness and a lot of “I don’t care” moments that lead him miraculously to where he should have been the whole time. Now, there is a game coming from Kongregate that is not going to bother catching ANY of that, it is not even going to try. Instead they are going to focus on the job part of Office Space and depending on your gaming tastes, that may actually be good. Oh, the title is Office Space – Idle Profits. That should give you a clue as to the type of game.

You are placed in the Initech office building and have to work your way up in a similar fashion to that of Taps to Riches or other clicker games. Yep, Kongregate will be focusing on the mundane office life rather than attempting to capture the fun side of the movie (I think it would have made a great point and click adventure myself).

The iconic characters from Office Space are here in Idle Profits. Peter, Samir, Michael Bolton, Milton and more. The object is still to get just a tiny portion of the profits of Initech into your own bank account but I doubt there is much of a concern about getting busted in the game. For fans of the movie, it is should be somewhere on their list of games to check out.

No word if there will be a “red stapler” achievement or not. If not then Kongregate truly don’t know the audience for this game.

Office Space – Idle Profits by Kongregate
Genre: Tapper, casual
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: You bet
Pre-register now on

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