Vudu Brings Disc to Digital Option to Mobile Users

Fans of digital movies will enjoy this news, especially those that use the Vudu service that Wal-Mart owns. Vudu has recently updated their mobile app with a cool feature that fans have probably longed for quite a while now. Digitizing your DVD collection has never been easier. There is a fee involved – nothing is free as they say.

The mobile Vudu app now features scanning of the barcode on your DVD’s to enter them onto the digital service. This is much easier than typing in the barcode one at a time via your computer. The only problem is, there is a fee involved – of course.

For $2 you can get the Standard Definition version of the film, if it is available on the service. $5 gets you the HDX version (wasn’t DVD advertised as “HD” back in the day?). It is still cheaper than rebuying 99% of the movies on the service so this is a good option for movie buffs that want to unhook the Blu-Ray player for good.

There are caveats to be aware of though. For one, that fee. The other is you are limited slightly when entering movies. You must have GPS turned on as Vudu will request a location check to verify you are at home and not at Wal-Mart scanning DVD’s. Second, you are limited to 100 movies per account per year. Also, Disney movies are not supported by this feature at this time.

If you are a big movie buff then you are likely to run into some of your DVD’s simply not being available (Vudu has about 8,000 titles so it is not ALL movies). Also, if Disney is big in your viewing pleasure time then this deal is a no deal for you.

Other than those few things, this deal is still good for movie fans. You no longer have to lug around copies of your movies nor do you have tp worry about scratching/theft.

Grab the new Vudu app on and the iTunes App Store.

Carl Williams

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