New Trailer Released for The Other 99, Updates and Improvements Implemented

The Other 99, for those that don’t know already, is a first-person action-survival game. You wake up on a mysterious island and have no clue how you got here. Nearby you is a note that simply reads, “The only way off the island is through The Other 99.” Eerie doesn’t even begin to describe your situation.

“It’s great being able to bring such an important update to The Other 99. We’ve taken a lot of the feedback we received on the early builds of our title and worked hard to improve the game in those areas with a focus on the game’s difficulty. With the new AI system that we have completed, it is no longer easy to avoid and bypass enemies, as fights are now much more challenging.” says Thomas Brown, co-founder of Burning Arrow.

The Other 99 certainly has that weird vibe to it. Just look at the new video above for proof of that. The Steam page describes this game as a British Battle Royal or Lost meets Fight Club and Lord of the Flies. Well, that is one way to look at it. Judging by what I have seen so far, it is not far off.

Burning Arrow are really opening The Other 99 world up to gamers to toy with. You can drop in and take on all comers without regard to your wellbeing or you can take a stealthier approach. If you hold back, lurk in the shadows, then you may see more about the island as a whole than you ever would by running and gunning your way around. Things may not be what they appear on the surface.

Have you tried The Other 99 yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the game?

The Other 99 by Burning Arrow
Platform – Steam (currently in Early Access)
Genre – First person survival
Available on Steam.

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