Northgard Mixes Civilization VI with Norse Mythology

I have a confession to make, I am a huge fan of Civilization, still play the second game a lot (including the new fan port to the ). Probably more than I should. I got seriously addicted to the third game in the series (got that handy “Game of the Year Edition” or whatever it was called). After getting over that slight addiction (I have articles to write) I thought the worst was behind me. Then I get an e-mail from the PR rep for Northgard and have a sinking feeling that I have another addiction in my near future.

“We have always been fans of strategy and simulation games, and with Northgard we have taken what we think are all the best bits, and added a lot of cool Viking themes and fantasy to the mix,” said Nicolas Cannasse, co-founder of Shiro Games. “Launching on Early Access will allow us to get direct feedback from our players which we’ll use in fine-tuning the development of Northgard. Not only that, we’ll also be bringing lots of cool new features to the game in the coming months, like new clans to play around with and a story driven campaign amongst other things.”

Northgard looks like it will offer a focused version of the civilization building that we saw in the Civilization series. This is great news as I am sure I am not alone in being a fan of Norse mythology. What could be better?

The team behind Northgard will be available at Pax East and there may, just may, be a playable demo available. Don’t hold me to that last part as that may be reserved for journalists only (though I am sure if you ask REALLY nicely, they may bend the rules a bit or showgoers).

Northgard by Shiro Games
Platform – Windows
Genre: Strategy
Available as early access via Steam.

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