Comcast’s XFINITY App Becomes XFINITY Stream, Unhappy Customers Already Reported

It seems that Comcast is dead set on making customers mad on a regular basis. This is never more evident than how they treat their customers that use the Comcast mobile apps. Take the XFINITY app for instance. While not loved, it was serviceable. That apparently is too much serviceability for Comcast to stand as they made some major changes to that app and now it is called the XFINITY Stream. Slighty disclaimer here – I am a Comcast home Internet customer but this article is completely of my accord.

Changing apps up is nothing new. Everyone does it. Sometimes the old app is just outdated and new features are added and a new user interface is desired. In the case of Comcast, sometimes feature are taken out completely. While this is not the ideal way to treat apps, it happens more than people may notice.

The new XFINITY Stream app has some glaring problems, according to customers. First, while you have access to your television programming – just like before – it greatly depends on where you are when accessing it. If you are at home using your in-home Wi-Fi then great, Comcast has deemed it okay for you to access your complete cable package. Access problems pop up when you are away from home and probably the ideal time you think of catching up on your favorite shows. That is fine and dandy on two conditions. One, that those shows are on the 200 live channels available, or two, that you have those shows recorded on your DVR.

I know, how will you life with ONLY 200 live channels at your fingertips while away from home. You do have DVR access to help cope. My problem with this is the fact that Comcast has taken away functionality and has not alleviated a similar amount off of the monthly bill for customers. Especially when the app is being forced upon customers (XFINITY Stream has already replaced the older XFINITY app on Google Play and iTunes). For shame, Comcast.

XFINITY Stream on and iTunes.

Carl Williams

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