Xbox Store Receives Puzzle Platform Game Shift Happens, Steam Version Drops Too

We are trying a new focus here at Gravis Ludus so expect more coverage of modern games on Playstation, Xbox, Steam, etc. One of the first titles we wanted to mention in this new direction was Shift Happens by Deck 13. Fans that miss the classics of days gone by will probably find a lot to like in this release.

Right now, Shift Happens is available for the Xbox Store and on Steam – a Playstation Store version is planned but not yet available.

“With Shift Happens, we wanted to recreate our childhood memories of sitting on the couch eating pizza — and playing co-op games for hours on end,” says Robin Kocaurek, co-founder of Klonk Games. “We hope Shift Happens takes players back to a simpler time, when sibling-on-sibling rivalries and sweet retribution were very much a thing!”

Spread across four worlds, totaling 40 levels, Shift Happens will test your reflexes and the grey matter between your ears. Unlike the classic , in this one you are going to have to work with your partner rather than against. Many levels will require shifting your weight back and forth between the two characters.

Wait, weight? Yep, the characters can shift weight back and forth between them. This helps keep you from getting into death traps where you needed the bigger blob but ended up there with the smaller one. Nice touch.

Check out the video above if you are unsure about Shift Happens. There is also a demo available also if you prefer a hands-on approach (also helps to make sure it will run on your computer). Fans of the simpler days should appreciate Shift Happens.

Shift Happens by Deck 13
Platform: Steam and Xbox Store, Playstation Store version planned
Available now on Steam, Green Man Gaming, Gamejolt and the Xbox Store

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