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Text adventures use to be the games of choice if you played on a computer. Now, whether this was because that is all most early computers could muster is the subject of another article. With the conversion to mobile devices, which do not have physical keyboards, text adventures have taken a new direction. Gone are the days of blindly typing things in, hoping to get the right combination of nouns and verbs. Now we have options to pick from, much like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books which give you options to perform after a short bit of reading. HERO Unit takes this idea and runs with it in a new genre that has yet to be experienced in text adventures–at least I don’t think it has been. Sure, we saw point and click adventures (the spiritual successors of text adventures) that took on police work (Police Quest for instance) none have put you in the shoes of a 911 operator. After playing HERO Unit, I realized that maybe that time I almost became an emergency operator was a missed opportunity for the better.

You are presented with a short tutorial that tells you what the different icons on the screen do–as with most tutorials, this is extremely helpful. Once you get setup and in the game though, that is when things start getting wild and woolly, so to speak.

Setup similar to Sara Is Missing (covered here) you are basically using your phone as the emergency operator device that real 911 operators use. The level of immersion is quite good, and after a few cases, you may begin actually worrying about the people you are helping on the other end of the line.

Each call is presented with the same premise: someone is in trouble, or just needs a bit of help, and it is your job to help them as best you can. One case I handled was a man lost in a museum, while another was a young man that was in a situation way over his head and about to blow up a building. Other cases I explored included armed home invasion, bank or store robbery, and even a child in a bad situation with his parents fighting (domestic abuse). The case load is varied, kept interesting, and is certainly not the same case over and over with just a few details changed.

After you complete a call, either successfully or failing, you can read a short newspaper article on how the events turned out. This is a cool addition that really helps drive home the emotional connections you may develop with the callers.

I cannot wait to see what other genres/jobs that Jassim Albuarki takes on in future game releases as HERO Unit is a great kick off to a new series.

HERO Unit by Jassim Albuarki
Platform: Android
Genre: Text adventure
In App Purchases: No
Rated: Mature 17+
Available now on

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