Fast Racing Neo Sequel, Fast RMX Coming to Nintendo Switch

Ah, another day, another racing game coming to the Nintendo Switch. We have already covered Redout, a racing gaming on the upcoming console, and now we are covering Fast RMX. This is another futuristic racing game that has a strong F-Zero feel, so fans of that style, you are about to be in hog heaven. Well, when Fast RMX releases anyhow.

Right now, the release date for Fast RMX is unknown. We do know that Redout has a release date, covered in our article here. Fast RMX is the sequel to the Nintendo Wii U game Fast Racing Neo. Over on N4G, member EddieNX pointed out in our Redout submission that people should try Fast Racing Neo. EddieNX, hope you are reading this article as it is just what you are probably looking for on the Nintendo Switch.

Fast RMX will feature fifteen vehicles, thirty tracks, and a ton of high speed jumps and precipices to race near. This is what will separate Fast RMX from the competition: those high in the sky tracks, those drops that will make your heart fall to the floor, and it will all run at an amazing 60 frames per second at 1080p.

Local multiplayer in Fast RMX will be limited to four players, while online multiplayer will feature up to eight racers at once. At least the Nintendo Switch is apparently going to have a strong presence in the online multiplayer realm.

Interestingly enough, Nintendo has yet to announce an update to F-Zero. This seems like a no brainer for them, though, and it is weird that they are not doing it. We are getting a new(ish) Zelda, a new Mario, and we are even seeing an update from Konami for the Bomberman series. Why can Nintendo not give us an update to Metroid, Kid Icarus, Excitebike, and others? It doesn’t make sense; it is easy money for them.

Fast RMX by Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Futuristic racing
Availability currently unknown.

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