Redout Looks to Become First Original Racing Game on Nintendo Switch

Sure, everyone knows about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but how many know about Redout, which is also coming to the Nintendo Switch? Redout uses Epic’s Unreal graphics engine to produce some quite impressive visuals, just look at the video embedded below for proof. For me, I cannot shake that feeling that Redout is quite similar, at least some of the racers are, to Star Wars Racer. Anti gravity based racing fans of Wipeout, F-Zero, et al. keep your eyes on Redout.

Set in the year 2560, a time period when magnetic race tracks are the norm, Redout brings speed and tall jumps. Sometime prior to the events of Redout, the planet Earth has become a wasteland–was it war or just good old misuse of the resources?

Redout uses levels based on real, current, world locations, but re-imagined as they would appear 500 plus years from now. Regions included are Cairo, Alsaska, and the Italian region of Abruzzo, among others (watched the video yet?).

Redout will make use of the Joy-Con controllers to pitch your racer forward or backwards as the situation calls for. The right Joy-Con stick will be used to drift around corners more elegantly than in other, similar, anti-gravity based racing games.

Redout is coming in the Spring of 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. Nicalis will be handling the publishing duties for developer 34BigThings.

Carl Williams

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