Pokemon GO Finds New Partner in Effort to Stay Relevant

Niantic are definitely beginning to open up their eyes to the marketing potential of Pokemon GO. Recently, they partnered with Sprint and their subsidiaries–Boost Mobile and Radioshack to offer in game extras. Now the “gotta catch ‘em all” game has found a new business partner to work with. A business partner that adds approximately 7,800 physical locations as potential visiting points for fans.

If you are a fan of Pokemon GO and love your coffee and pastries, then you will love this news. Pokemon GO has accepted its newest location partner: Starbucks. Yep, not only can you purchase overpriced coffee and pastries but now while waiting in line, or after you receive your drink or food, you can log in some Pokemon GO fun.

Now, you may be thinking, why would this matter to fans of Pokemon GO, other than new potential Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops? Many locations are already one or the other so there has to be something new here–there is. You can now visit Starbucks and get a Pokemon GO Frappuccino drink.

The Pokemon GO Frappuccino drink is a combination of raspberry and blackberry. Hardcore fans may note that this is similar to the “Slowpoke Tail” food in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver Game Boy games. It is apparently not a good thing so I am not sure why Starbucks would want that association with their coffee shops. Marketing, I guess.

It is interesting that we are just now seeing partnerships like this between physical locations and Pokemon GO. I would have thought that companies would have been hounding Niantic to get their stores listed as Pokemon Gyms or Pokestops so as to entice more customers in. Considering how popular the digital monster collecting game once was, it is still amazingly popular, it is even more baffling that these deals are just now getting around to coming out.


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