Little Briar Rose Brings Stained Glass Graphics to Sleeping Beauty Retelling

When you think of point and click adventure games you probably think everything has been done. We have rescued the kingdom and royal family in King’s Quest. We have slung insults at each other in Escape from Monkey Island. Now we can add a retelling of the “Sleeping Beauty” tale using stained glass style graphics. Yep. Stained glass. You have to see it to believe it.

The most striking thing about Little Briar Rose is the graphics. The detail is taken to the extreme here. Seriously, check out the video below for a good idea of what to expect from Little Briar Rose.

It is interesting to get a chance to write about a stained glass adventure game like this. Why? Because I am sick of the “retro” graphics that developers fall back on because they don’t want to take a chance anymore. Sure, pixel based graphics are neat and sometimes are more than fitting but when it is release after release it can become rather boring. I mean, when you think it has all been done before, a developer has a fresh take and comes out with something like Little Briar Rose.

The story of Little Briar Rose is a retelling of the tale that “Sleeping Beauty” was based on. You are in control of the stereotypical prince that has been tasked with rescuing the kidnapped Princess Aurora. The princess is in a castle in the enchanted forest and your journey is going to be long and tough. Roguelike elements rear their ugly head and if you fail in your quest, you become one of the forest creatures, starting over with a new prince who has taken up the quest (is this the only princess around?). The equipment and items previously found or in use can be recovered by the subsequent prince.

If you are up for something unique and interesting, then Little Briar Rose may be just your game.

Little Briar Rose by Mangatar
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Appstore and Steam
In App Purchases: No
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on , iTunes, and Steam.

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