DirecTV NOW Coming to Mobile, AT&T Customers Get Possibly Illegal Bonus

When AT&T bought out DirecTV it was viewed by many as a bad thing and by others as a good thing. For some, it was a moment for concern as this merger could potentially change the way either company works in big ways. Well, if you are a mobile user and like your cable television then DirecTV NOW may be just the app you need. If you are an AT&T customer, then you are in luck as the cell phone company is offering you a great deal. Too bad it may be illegal for them to do so.

DirecTV NOW is a new service that AT&T is working on rolling out to mobile customers, and select home based devices like Apple TV. Other platforms supported by AT&T and DirecTV NOW include the Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick, Chromecast, LeEco ecotvs and Vizio SmartCast devices along with Chrome and Safari browsers. There is an iOS and Roku app expected sometime in 2017.

That is a slew of devices that DirecTV NOW will support. That is for sure.

Okay, what separates DirecTV NOW from services such as Sling TV? Well, for one, selection of channels (including channels that you are probably not interested in such as several golf channels). Packages start at about $35 per month for 60+ channels in a package called “Live a Little.” The “Gotta Have It” plan gives you 120+ channels for $70 per month. Interesting to note is that early signups can secure the second highest tier of programming for $35 per month (normally about $60 per month). What is cool about this early bird offer is that it is good for as long as you keep the service active.

Okay, how could this possibly be an illegal offering to AT&T mobile customers? Because if you are a mobile user of AT&T and sign up for DirecTV NOW then you will not be docked on your data for using the service. That is only good for postpaid accounts (GoPhone users are out of luck here). If you are a T-Mobile or Sprint user then prepare to be hammered for data usage when using DirecTV NOW unless watching over wifi. That brings in net neutrality concerns as it gives an unfair advantage to another department of AT&T users. Could be bad for the company but cool for customers.

Source: AT&T

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