Sling TV Adds Online Based Digital Video Recorder Option

Sling TV is a great option for cord cutters that miss a few channels but not the high cable bill. One problem that Sling TV has had though is not offering a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service to users. Now, Sling TV is offering just that to their users. At least some of them anyhow.

If you are one of the select few that is accepted into the beta program for Sling TV then you are able to enjoy the new DVR service. This means the Digital Video Recorder service is in beta right now. That doesn’t mean that the DVR service is not cool and something worth getting excited about though.

First of all, Sling TV is calling their version of DVR the Cloud DVR. Yeah, clever name there, folks.

Next up is the fact that this is cloud based. What does this mean? Well, Sling TV is offering 100 hours of recording time to users that are accepted into the closed beta. Presumably this will be the minimum offered to all users of the digital television service when Cloud DVR comes out of closed beta. It is clear upfront, though, that users can pay to get more storage space via Cloud DVR if they so wish. The question is, how much will additional storage space be priced at?

Cloud DVR, in general, is an interesting prospect since cable providers have been really pushing the whole Digital Video Recording options they have available. This was one of the last reasons most cable providers had to keep customers paying those high prices for more and more commercials in programming. The digital television service already offers just the channels you want in convenient packages at decent prices versus cable providers such as AT&T’s DirecTV and Comcast.

Will you be making use of Sling TV’s Cloud DVR service when it rolls out?

Source: Sling TV

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