Pokemon GO Introduces Daily Rewards

Pokemon GO was, and still is in many places, a phenomenon that holds gamers attention.  The notion of traversing the real world while playing a game is still somewhat new territory for both gamers and game publishers.  That is why it is so interesting that Pokemon GO has held the attention of players this long.  Apparently Niantic are not happy with the month to month total number of players though.  Pokemon GO now offers regular, daily, rewards for hardcore players.  Are you one of them?

For those that do not know, Pokemon GO is a free to play creature collecting game based on the hot Nintendo property.  People the world over are running around and collecting Bulbasaur and Pikachu and Snorlax among many other digital creatures.  The allure of this game is also in the way players are rewarded for exploring the real world.  By visiting certain key locations called Pokestops players can get some free supplies at a set interval of time.  This is not ideal for the hardest of the hardcore Pokemon GO player though as the rewards are paltry at many locations.  That is why there are In App Purchases available – either boosting your free rewards or simply helping you power through collecting the digital monsters.

Now, Niantic has implemented daily rewards for regular players and probably in hopes of luring more in (or back in the fold).  These rewards are about on par for free to play games and nothing you are going to write home about.  If you capture one critter per day you will receive a bonus of 500 experience points and 600 Stardust.  Doing so for a straight week will net you a cool 2m000 experience point and 2,400 Stardust bonus on top of the daily rewards.  There are also rewards for repeatedly visiting Pokestops day after day.

Grab Pokemon GO on and the iTunes App Store and go catch em all.

Carl Williams

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