Open World Role Playing Game The Quest Released for Android

Okay, with the advent of mobile devices and their respective stores it is obvious some genres are simply lacking.  While there are countless puzzle games, match 3 affairs and “can we stop with it already” endless runners populating iTunes and Google Play traditional games are harder to find.  Some of us honestly prefer to play a good old fashioned game like Super Mario Bros or Final Fantasy on our cell phones (or gaming devices like the GPD XD).  Not everyone is into Bejeweled clones or simply tapping the screen to make a character jump at the right time.  One genre that is, somewhat, respected on both major mobile platforms is the role playing game.  The Quest though is slightly different from similar offerings.

The Quest is a long running, on Palm Pilots, open world role playing game that has made the jump to iPhone and now Android.  What you will get here is an unbridled experience – there is not a lot of hand holding in The Quest and you are probably going to get lost in the huge world.  Creatures are everywhere and they are hungry for your flesh.

Taking on the role of an agent for the king of the Kingdom of Monares you are tasked with solving a mystery.  See, one of the rulers of a nearby island has disappeared mysteriously and this is quite unsettling to say the least.  Since the ruler is missing the whole island is in disarray as usurpers to the throne are coming out of the woodwork.  Your job is to find the missing ruler and stop the turmoil.

The Quest features day and night cycles, a huge quest in a huge world and plenty of customizing of your character.  The question is, who is ready for an old school role playing game on Android?

The Quest by Redshift Games
Genre: Role Playing Game
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: No
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on

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