WWE Suspends Former Diva Champion Again Effective Immediately

You know you are having a tough year when you get suspended for 30 days for breaking the WWE Talent Wellness Policy.  It doubly sucks when your boyfriend is slapped with the same suspension at the same time.  Add even more trouble to life when you fail ANOTHER Talent Wellness test and this time get hit with a 60 day suspension.  Life is not going good for this former WWE Diva Champion.  Not good at all.

Saraya-Jade Bevis, also known as Paige, has just received her second suspension of the year.  Both suspensions have been levied against Saraya-Jade Bevis for failing the World Wrestling Entertainment Talent Wellness Policy.

Previously Paige failed the Talent Wellness Policy alongside her boyfriend, Alberto Del-Rio.  Paige will begin serving her 60 day suspension immediately.

Paige’s father, Ricky Legend (real name Ricky Knight) had this to say on his

Paige has even taken to to defend her situation stating, “Rules apply depending on your status.”  This could be taken to imply that bigger stars are being given passes on the Talent Wellness Policy based on their standing in the company.

This makes no sense if Paige is indeed on prescription medication for injuries.  Then we have a statement by the WWE to the New York Post that says it was an “illegal substance” she tested positive for.

What do you think?  Is Paige trying to get out of her WWE contract?  This could be what is going on as Alberto Del-Rio is already appearing in the ring for independent wrestling organizations.

Paige is a former WWE Diva Champion and has not been on television for a while now- even around suspensions her air time has been severely limited.



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