Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot Review – Disney Meets Peggle

Disney is one of those companies that seems to not be able to do wrong.  From movies to television shows to games and the related merchandise, Disney is viewed in quite a positive light.  Even when pulling slightly more than inspiration from another game, such as oh um, Peggle, with Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot, Disney’s version still comes off as the better version.  While Peggle is quite an old game now, and a not so long ago mobile version finally was released, it was still sort of boring in presentation (I was not a fan of the original PC game either).  Disney has taken the idea of Peggle and infused it with their trademark “fun” and it seems to have made a genre I didn’t like before at least tolerable.  Frozen fans have already clicked, skimmed to the article and gotten the download link.  For the rest, take some time to read the review after the jump.

Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot is simply Peggle with Disney Frozen characters, graphics and voices.  If you hated Peggle you will probably not like this one.  I say probably because I kind of like the Disney take on the Pachinko from Price is Right style genre.  It is definitely not for everyone.

The idea behind Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot is simple.  You shoot one of many balls from the top center of the screen downward at icy blocks.  As the ball hits these blocks they will light up and disappear before your next shot.  Some levels have goals such as dropping a certain item into the water pits at the bottom, or destroying certain color ice blocks or simply clearing the screen altogether.

There are voice clips from what I assume are either the movie or the voice actors.  They all have a very “Disney positive” stance to them so if you cannot stand the cheery stuff even when losing your butt, you may want to lower the sound.

Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot is a Peggle clone, yes, but it stands on its own merit at the end of the day.  This is not one that can be handed to kids without supervision though as there are In App Purchases.

Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot by Disney
Genre: Puzzle, Peggle clone
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review) and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on iTunes App Store

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