American Horror Story, Where the Hell is Evan Peters? Here is My Theory

American Horror Story is starting to get good, but where the hell is Evan Peters? His massive array of fans have noticed that the show hasn’t brought us his latest character yet. Are we being impatient?… Of course we are for most of us, he is the star of the show. Let’s look at his past characters and why we love him so much.

Is the show keeping him back to keep us all in suspense? – Sure they are! FX knows how much we fell in love with each of his characters, and that we want to know why the hell he is ginger! Let’s take a look at his amazing roles so far and see if we can come up with some theories as to who he is going to be. Let’s kick this off with his first ever AHS role as:

Tate Logan:

Evan Peters’ first role in American Horror Story was Tate, the 17-year-old psychopath who kept some pretty dark secrets. The back story of Tate was, he reached his mental breaking point when he committed a mass shooting at Westfield High, taking the lives of 15 students.

Following the shooting, Tate returned home and was killed by a SWAT team in his bedroom. Since then, Tate has resided in the house as a ghost. We fell in love with his boyish good looks, his heart of gold and the fact that when that boy cried, our hearts broke with him.

Since that first season (Murder House) Evan Peters has been the face of AHS who fans cant wait to see. Here’s is some of his heart breaking moments for you to look back on.

Kit Walker:

One the second season Evan Peters brought us Kit Walker, the Briacliff inmate who was accused of being the “bloody face killings”. Kit is generally a kind and loving person. He is the type of person that is stubborn when confronted about his side of the story even when others say he is wrong. Lets take a look at Kit Walker In action.

Kyle Spencer:

Kyle was his character in Coven, He played once again an amazing part and stole our hearts. Kyle had a very caring and outgoing personality. He seemed just like any other, good-looking frat boy.  He took a liking to Zoe from the moment they met. He took her to a party and told his frat brothers to behave, though he seemed well liked by his friends, they raped Madison and he became extremely angry. He chased after them and tried to set things right before being killed by Madison’s magic along with most of his friends… But they brought him back!

Jimmy Darling:

Jimmy darling, AKA “Lobster Boy”,  came to us in freak show. His deformity has been exploited all his life, beginning with people paying to witness his birth. He loves his fellow freaks in the Freak Show and is loyal to those close to him. However, he despises those who see his kind as nothing more than freaks and fights for their acceptance as regular people. Lets take a look at Jimmy Darling singing come as you are by Nirvana. (I think I fell in love with him even more at this point)

James Patrick March:

Hotel brought us James March, yet another psychopath played by Evan Peters. Fans went nuts for this character. Not only was he stunningly handsome but he was funny too. James Patrick March was a serial killer who built and owned the hotel in the 1920s. He designed it to hide and hunt his victims which he would brutally murder, and often post down a laundry shoot. March lived in room 64 with his wife Elizabeth and was attended by the devoted Miss Evers. When he died he lived forever in the hotel Cortez. Lets look at Mr. March at work.


Now we can’t wait to see who he is to play next. My guess is, he is going to play the son of Cathy Bates once again. I think he may be the one to save the terrified household from his family’s clutches. But that’s just my theory.

Or will he play yet another ghost who haunts the house and hides in the shadows? Who knows, but either way I wish they would bring him in already the suspense is killing me! Let’s once again take a look at his very awkward interview.




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