Why I am Looking Forward to Friend Request

The movie Friend Request will hit the cinemas on 7th October, just in time for Halloween. I just watched the trailer for it, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. It seems to have lots of creepy happenings and plenty jump scares.

Friend Request was written by Simon Verhoeven , Philip Koch , Matthew Ballen and directed by Simon Verhoeven. The movie is based around Laura, who is a very popular college girl. She is very active on social media and shares almost everything in her life just like most people today. After accepting a friend request from an unknown girl named Marina, Laura becomes obsessed with the unknown girl’s profile, and soon her friends begin to die violent and gruesome death’s, one by one.

It sounds like a bad sleep over teen flick right? But upon watching the trailer I discovered this is actually some scary s**t. I actually jumped once or twice watching this short trailer and here’s why.

Trailer Break down:

Judging from the trailer the girl Marina, who is a loner in Laura’s class, is not at all happy by being ignored by Laura and pulls her up on it in the college cafeteria. She unfriended Marinda from her social media friends list, and that’s when things start to get weird. Laura is suddenly called to her laptop in the dead of night by someone whispering her name. That’s when she discovers a highly disturbing video of Marinda killing herself, but it’s not a normal teen suicide death. It appears she hung herself over a burning fire.

The next day at college a professor announces the death of the girl and urges the student’s not to watch to shocking video on social media. After the girls death it appears someone is  hacking Laura’s social site and reposting the gruesome video. She soon learns it’s not a hacker but actually Marinda tormenting her in death. Soon disturbing things start to happen and Laura’s friends begin dying off.

I for one am excited about this movie. It looks to be full of jump scares and disturbing scenes. Heres the trailer for you guys. enjoy!



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