Could Successful TNA Tag Team Reunite in WWE NXT?

There are not a lot of success stories with homegrown TNA talent.  Sure they helped A LOT in building up AJ Styles but he is not in the WWE right now because of his time in TNA.  Guys like AJ Styles had a long road after working in promotions like TNA before they got to the big leagues of the McMahon world.  For the most part, the successful talent pipeline usually flows to TNA not from it.  That is why it is interesting that we may be seeing a successful TNA tag team reunite in WWE’s NXT without having gone through the long road of other promotions up to WWE.

James Storm has already made appearances in WWE NXT where he had a couple of successful matches.  He, for some reason, went back to TNA rather than staying in WWE NXT.  Upon his return to Dixie Carter’s promotion, James Storm and Bobby Roode reformed their “Beer Money” tag team.  Then out of the blue we saw Bobby Roode appear on WWE NXT programming and he was gone from TNA this time leaving James Storm high and dry to compete however needed.

Recently, on television, James Storm was involved in an altercation that resulted in newly named President of TNA Billy Corgan (of the Smashing Pumpkins) suspending the cowboy.  Apparently this happened right as James Storm’s contract with TNA is up and as far as I know, they have not renewed it, nor even discussed renewing it.  Storm has been about these events too.

Considering James Storm has connections with WWE’s NXT and Bobby Roode is there now, we could be seeing a reuniting of Beer Money.  It is unclear if WWE will pay for the rights to use the name and music and film a new intro video for them or if they will just go with a new name.  The odds of reuniting this successful tag team would seem to be high.  Right now with the brand split and new tag team titles imminent, along with a shortage of tag teams, WWE is in need of new talent.  Why not put together two veterans who have great chemistry together already?

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