Comixology Netflix Style Experiment Arrives

If you ask people what their favorite thing about Netflix is, it is probably the ability to binge watch seasons of shows.  Sadly, there has not been much of anything like this in the comic’s realm.  Until now.  Comixology is experimenting with an option similar to that of Netflix, but with comics.  As with Netflix, there are some limitations and restrictions to the “all you can read” service- Comixology Unlimited.

First and foremost that you will notice is a lack of DC and Marvel comics from this service.  That is the price we pay to support stuff like this.  What you will find is purportedly thousands of comics from indie and smaller publishers.  Dark Horse, Image and Fantagraphics among many others will have at least some of their catalogs available.  No word on if there will be complete catalogs by these publishers available.  For instance, can we go back and read the Alien comics by Dark Horse or are those no longer “licensed”?

Comixology is owned by Amazon which makes sense that their Unlimited option will support the Kindle Fire.  The new service will also support Android phones and tablets and iPhone/iPad.  Please note that Comixology Unlimited is separate of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service where you can get books.  One key difference between Comixology Unlimited and Netflix is that readers will still be able to purchase comics separate of the “unlimited” service- including DC and Marvel comics.

It is only fair to state that Marvel does have a similar service called Marvel Unlimited.  The price for that is $9.99 per month.  Comixology Unlimited is $5.99 per month, just a wee bit less but missing the X-Men, Avengers and for some reason everyone’s favorite, Wolverine among many others.  DC Comics, at the time of this writing, does not offer any kind of unlimited service for their fans.

Source: Comixology Unlimited website

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