WWE Derail Perfectly Good Segment with Dolph Ziggler


Even if you are not a fan of wrestling you still probably know that the performers come out to larger than life entrances. These are designed to get the crowd riled up either for good or worse at the entry of the wrestler. Think of the entrances as a calling card of sorts. These are often sacred to each performer – never to be made fun of or attacked, except if done with intent to setup a feud or further such storylines. Recently Dolph Ziggler, one of the more interesting “mid-card” performers on the WWE roster has taken on a “heel” role (bad guy) and started acting out over his place in the company. His chosen method of bringing attention to his plight? The entrances of other WWE superstars.

This is not something that is completely unheard of. After all, Degeneration X did this a lot during their feud with the Corporation, Nation of Domination, etc. Those were done tongue in cheek to get their apparent opponents mad and to give the crowd a good laugh. That is not how the Dolph Ziggler mocking is coming off from the viewpoint of a viewer, a view I am writing this article from.

I am fine with Dolph Ziggler mocking the entrances of other WWE Superstars with a little caveat. They need to be alive. You see, WWE creative have allowed Dolph Ziggler to make fun of Bayley and Naomi (the second, I don’t agree with). Why I don’t agree with his mocking of Naomi’s entrance is partially because of points explained here. Her entrance should be left alone as it represents a major change for the Women’s Championship. Anyhow, those are not the entrances I have a problem with.

Dolph Ziggler mocked Macho Man Randy Savage’s entrance earlier in September and more recently he mocked Ultimate Warrior’s entrance. At first glance you may be thinking, why is that so bad? Both are dead. That is one thing. Second, both were involved in legal heat with the WWE after their departure from the company but prior to their deaths. It just wreaks of a backhanded slap at their legacies in life.

This is a rather disheartening derailment for WWE that could have setup some great feuds for Dolph. WWE creative missed a golden opportunity to take Ziggler’s character back into the main event scene (somewhere he has not been since the last brand split when Vickie Guerrero was GM of Smackdown).

Sure, Ziggler did mock Shane McMahon’s entrance (the current suspended Commissioner of Smackdown Live) but it is apparent that Shane is going to be in a feud with Kevin Owens as they attempt to rebuild the Stone-Cold Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon storyline. That mocking, while cool, was kind of pointless and a wasted spot for a more timely, accessible, entrance mocking session.  Here are the entrances I recommend the WWE go with to push Ziggler further in the company:

AJ Styles, current United States champion. While it would be a long shot to put Ziggler in the title hunt for the United States title, especially while Styles is running the “open challenge” that John Cena re-invigorated while he was champion, it would make more sense than having Ziggler mocking dead superstars. Besides, this could involve Ziggler being turned down by Styles for a match, claiming Ziggler already had his change many times over. This could lead to Ziggler interfering with the “United States Open Challenge” each week leading up to a bout between the two at a major pay per view.

Chad Gable, former Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion with Jason Jordan (now a singles competitor on Monday Night RAW). Who wouldn’t want a few wins on a former tag team champion under their belt? This would also allow Ziggler to legitimately move up the ranks and challenge bigger name superstars, some holding titles.

If WWE are dead set on making Ziggler a heel there is no better way than to setup a cross show feud with someone like the Hardy Boys (both of which have competed in singles competition). Imagine the pop from the Smackdown Live crowd if they heard the Hardy’s entrance and the disdain they would have for Ziggler when he comes out instead of Jeff or Matt. It would help solidify him as a heel and it would build up a feud with competitors on the other show in the classic “heel versus face” style the WWE love.

There is a lot of interest in seeing Kurt Angle perform one more time in the squared circle so why not have Ziggler imitate the Olympic Gold Medal winners’ entrance? This could setup a dream match that would surely set off more than a few buy rates at the PPV it would occur at. Also, it would help setup reasons for fans to watch both shows as Angle and Ziggler take shots at each other on their respective shows.

What do you think? What WWE superstar should Ziggler mock next? Who would you like to see him fight in a feud?

Carl Williams

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  • John

    “You see, WWE creative have allowed Dolph Ziggler to make fun of Bayley and Naomi (the second, I don’t agree with)”

    why because shes black? what a sjw cuck you are.

    • Carl Williams

      Actually, had you read the article I linked to, that I also wrote, and not simply jumped to conclusions that make you feel smart, you would see why your accusation is 100% false.

      Since you have proven you won’t take the time to read the whole story I will keep it short for you.

      I am against his mocking her entrance because she has taken the Women’s Championship to the same level as the WWE Heavyweight Championship in many regards. Precious few Superstars are allowed to parade a modified title around. Naomi is the first Women’s Champion to be allowed to do so.

      Mocking her entrance demeans her legacy in the WWE.

      Yep, I guess I am a SJW because some person on the Internet says so. Oh well, thanks for reading what you did and commenting on a completely fictional angle you made up from the article.

      • John

        “I am against his mocking her entrance because she has taken the Women’s
        Championship to the same level as the WWE Heavyweight Championship in
        many regards.”

        ahahahahahahaha! your literally only saying that because she is black. shes done nothing. if anything asuka has done more for american female wrestling than anyone else as she is a actual wrestler and not a sex object paraded around to sell merchandise to man children and botch moves.

        in japan female wrestlers are just as respected as the men. why? because they are actual wrestlers. wwe “divas” are not.

        • Carl Williams

          Literally saying it because she is black? Wow, I was not aware you are psychic – you are quite delusional though. I will give you that.

          Done nothing? She has been given the opportunity to join the ranks of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge in modifying the title to fit her style and character. Not many superstars are given that chance – none of the many women to hold either the Diva’s Championship or the Women’s Championship in previous iterations. None. Yet Naomi has done nothing. Okay, whatever.

          So, you are telling me, you the “Great John” are comparing WWE brand female wrestling to Japan’s female offerings, yet I am the one in the wrong here. Oh, please explain the reasoning behind that.

          You are only saying that stuff about Asuka because she is Asian. According to your own statement she will bomb on the main roster as she will not have any “competition”. Oh and please use capital’s when using a person’s name, it is quite disrespectful not to.

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