Twin Moons Society

Twin Moons Society: Hidden Mystery Receives Update

G5 Entertainment are squarely entrenched in the casual game market. Their game catalog is full of games that are easy to pick up, understand, and just enjoy by gamers of most ages. Twin Moon Society: Hidden Mystery is no different; this casual hidden object game has just received a new update. Read more »

The Human Age by Noodlecake

Human Age Review on Android

Puzzle games. Ah, the good old standby that most developers, both commercially and homebrew independent types, pound into the ground. It seems since the early days of gaming puzzle games were going to be around. From Tetris to Columns to Flipull, puzzle games are staples of gaming. More recently we saw the popularity rise of another type of puzzle game: the slider. 2048 specifically pushed this style of puzzle game into the forefront. The Human Age┬átakes the basics of 2048 and adds a lot of that trademark Noodlecake fun to create something unique. Read more »

Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure Review, Endless Runner Worth Your Time

Okay, who hates endless running games by now? I know I had my fill of them within a few months of getting my first Android device years ago. That bias has not stopped me from checking out Alto’s Adventure though. I mean, come on, this is a Noodlecake release, so for me, it required at least a download and tryout. The premise in Alto’s Adventure at least makes the endless runner idea work, unlike the many other titles that share this genre. Read more »

The New Nintendo Switch

Do you look forward to what new advances in technology bring to video games? Gaming consoles offer a terrific way for people to enjoy different types of games ranging from sports themes to an assortment of first shooter titles. You can even play exciting casino games on consoles which will include the upcoming Nintendo switch. Read more »

Viber VoIP

Viber VOIP Service Reacts to Trump Travel Ban

There is a lot going on right now around the world. People are quite upset over President Trump’s recent executive order which restricts people from certain countries entering the United States. This puts a lot of travellers out of touch with their friends and family; it also sets them up for a lot of unexpected out of pocket expenses. Viber, a voice over internet protocol provider, has issued their own response to this travel ban. Unlike other companies that are taking a stance of either for or against, Viber is taking a unique position. One that helps those effected by the travel ban rather than the company itself. Read more »

WWE Champions Android

Review – WWE Champions

The WWE have been after that elusive successful mobile game for years. Well, let me differentiate things a bit here: I don’t consider the PlayStation Portable and PS Vita or Nintendo DS and 3DS “mobile” platforms. Those are portables. Mobile devices to me are cell phones. Okay, with that out of the way, onwards with my review of WWE Champions for mobile. Fans of Bejeweled or those old MicroLeague Wrestling games on the Commodore 64 will be right at home with WWE Champions. Read more »

Tiny Station 2 Android

Review – Tiny Station 2

Tiny Station 2 is the follow up to the successful time management game pitted players in the position of managing a car repair shop. What started with the success of Diner Dash mixed with a mechanic shop is now even more hectic and fun. Elite Games have improved on the stuff that needed it and left what was right alone. Read more »

Netflix logo

Netflix Adds Major Addition to Android App, Other Platform Owners Complain

Netflix recently updated their Android app to allow users to download shows for off-line viewing. This was great news for many as it helped alleviate data usage while on the go. This was indeed great news but a lot of users realized rather quickly that they don’t have a lot of storage left on their phone. What would they do? As if Netflix heard their cries, the latest update answers them. Read more »

New PlayStation 4 Mid-Week Sale

Over the weekend, we saw a major sale on the PlayStation Store. Sony must have forgotten already as they are back at it with another sale; this time, more of a “mid-week” sale. A lot of stuff here are up to 75% off for regular players and up to 80% for PlayStation Plus members. Take the jump to see the list of PlayStation 4 games. Read more »

Android Sales Round Up

Ah, good old Android. The Google mobile operating system just keeps on giving, doesn’t it? As more and more gamers pick up Android devices, it is becoming more and more paramount to find good deals. The way Google Play is laid out is not exactly helping new, or old, supporters in getting to the deals. That leaves us to gather the better deals in one article for you. After the jump of course–we have to pay the bills somehow. Read more »

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