DirecTV NOW Coming to Mobile, AT&T Customers Get Possibly Illegal Bonus

When AT&T bought out DirecTV it was viewed by many as a bad thing and by others as a good thing. For some, it was a moment for concern as this merger could potentially change the way either company works in big ways. Well, if you are a mobile user and like your cable television then DirecTV NOW may be just the app you need. If you are an AT&T customer, then you are in luck as the cell phone company is offering you a great deal. Too bad it may be illegal for them to do so. Read more »


Sling TV Adds Online Based Digital Video Recorder Option

Sling TV is a great option for cord cutters that miss a few channels but not the high cable bill. One problem that Sling TV has had though is not offering a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service to users. Now, Sling TV is offering just that to their users. At least some of them anyhow. Read more »

Netflix logo

Netflix Update Brings Offline Viewing

Netflix, the leader in digital subscriptions, has just made a major update to their app for Android and iPhone users (are Windows Phone users even a thing anymore?). This update brings one major thing that fans have clamored for quite a while. The only problem is in how it is implemented. It is kind of random. Read more »


Review – Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft is slowly, but surely, removing any reason to own a Windows Phone. Early on, there were good reasons like Microsoft Word and Cortana to point at when Android and iPhone users would laugh at my Lumia 635. As the months passed, it became painfully clear that Microsoft was obviously abandoning the Windows Phone platform for the greener pastures offered by Android and iPhone. Now, we have Microsoft Solitaire Collection hitting Android recently. Another Windows device hold out is now available for the competition. The question now is, do Android and iPhone users care? This is a solitaire collection after all. Read more »


Pokemon GO Sees Major Updates Including New Pokemon

Niantic and Nintendo know what they are doing with Pokemon GO, that is for sure. We here at Gravis Ludus have been following the social exploration game for a while now. Recently, it was revealed through data crackers that there will be 100 new second generation Pokemon joining the cast among other things. Now we have found out that a new Pokemon has been unleashed and he may be the hardest to find.

Ditto is now available in Pokemon GO, if you have the latest update. Ditto, for those that do not know, is elusive because he can mimic the other Pokemon with comical results. Ditto is not quite capable of perfecting his copying abilities, so watch out for Pokemon that are just slightly off. Read more »


Bill Goldberg – More Life in the Streak?

This last Sunday, November 20, we saw Bill Goldberg step back in a WWE ring. The last time we saw this happen was approximately 12 years ago. Interestingly, Goldberg was taking on Brock Lesnar, billed as “The Beast” by his manager Paul Heyman. I will leave the results to you and Google if you did not watch Survivor Series live, or on replay. The point of this article is the future of Bill Goldberg in the WWE. Read more »

Vudu Logo

Vudu Adds Fan Focused Support Options for Android Users

Fans of movies and television shows probably already know about Vudu, the digital distribution service owned by Walmart. Available via platforms such as Android, Roku, and computers, Vudu is an entertainment lover’s dream. Boasting over 100,000 movies and television shows Vudu is definitely a leader in the field of digital distribution of this content. With the latest update, 5.0, of the Android app there come some very fan focused support options worth noting. Read more »


Verizon Introduces Two New Pre-Pay Plans

Depending on your point of view of Verizon as a cell phone company, you may, or may not, find this news interesting (we have an AT&T centric version here).  Verizon has just announced that they are introducing two new plans to their pre-pay service.  The two new plans are rather interesting and really throw a wrench at companies like AT&T and T-Mobile. Read more »


Pokemon GO Sees More Improvements in Update Version 0.45.0, Hints of New Pokemon Spotted

Pokemon GO is obviously a phenomenon.  Whether you are like me and moved on already or you are still playing daily, you know about this game.  Niantic have been working hard to keep players, get old ones back, and entice new players to give the little digital monster collecting game.  This is a necessity of any game that relies on In App Purchases for income.  Pokemon GO is no exception and Niantic are working hard to keep players interested.  The improvements in update version 0.45.0 are interesting. Read more »


Falconers Moonlight New Visual Novel for Windows

Visual novels never really took off in the United States.  There could be many reasons for this but I like to think it boils down to how they are presented.  While in Japan, gamers are more open to playing various types of games, that is not always the case in North America.  Also, in Japan, the demographic of people playing video games runs from young to really old and both sexes.  Again, not so much in North America.  Couple this with the fact that most visual novels are dating sims of some sort and you can see how North American gamers may not be the first choice for visual novel games.  The Falconers – Moonlight is just different enough that I think it could make it to a wider audience.  First, Falconers is not a dating sim.  Far from it. Read more »


Review – PinOut on Android

I am a closet pinball fan.  I suck at the real thing, but digitally, I have been addicted since Midnight Magic on the Atari 2600.  That is why I found it interesting that there is basically an endless pinball game called PinOut for Android.  I knew I had to play it.  Much like other addictive games like Train Conductor World, I have been playing PinOut for far longer than intended to write this review. Read more »


Review – Knight’s Tour on Android

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen on mobile platforms.  This is apparent by simply opening your favorite mobile game store – go ahead, try it.  While there is a deluge of match 3 games that hope to capture 1/1,000th of the success of Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, there are a few unique puzzle games worth playing.  These are often overlooked due to the sheer number of copycat puzzle games these unique ones have to fight for exposure.  Knight’s Tour is one such unique puzzle game and if you have not at least tried it, you are missing out. Read more »


Preview – Angels and Demigods Visual Novel on Kickstarter

Visual novels are my guilty pleasure. In my younger days, I scoffed at these types of games. I was a late fan to the likes of Cobra and Snatcher on the Sega CD. That is why when I see a really good visual novel come along, I feel compelled to let others know about it. Angels and Demigods is one such visual novel that pulls on the sci-fi storyline strings hard and well. It is no Snatcher, but what is? Read more »


Review – Asphalt Xtreme

Gameloft have been quite prolific with their mobile gaming support.  They are one of the most varied publishers out there too.  Take Asphalt Xtreme for instance, this is not just another racing game as you will see from the video below.  There was a lot of work put into this game, into the details and the feel.  It shows.  The question is, if you are tired of mobile racing games, should you give Asphalt Xtreme a chance?  Yes. Read more »


Why Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair Hell in a Cell Is Bad For WWE

If you watched Hell in a Cell this last Sunday night (October 30th) then you saw three cell matches with a few regular matches mixed in.  These three Hell in a Cell matches were a mixed bag of entertainment.  Roman Reigns versus Rusev was okay though things could have been manages better.  The other men’s Hell in a Cell match was Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins.  This match was good till, well, if you saw the match then you know where things unraveled for this one.  Finally we have the main event, the first Women’s Hell in the Cell match between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks.  It was great to see the women’s division main eventing a pay per view (PPV) but things may have gone too far and actually hurt the division rather than push it forward.  Read more »


Kickstarter – SMACH Z Hand Held Gaming PC

Hand held devices.  It seems everyone is getting in on the action of on the go gaming.  Nintendo is trying to bridge the gap between console and hand held with their upcoming Nintendo Switch.  Many clone makers have released Sega Genesis licensed hand held devices, to varying degrees of success.  We have covered the GPD XD Android gaming device ourselves (article here) and it seems there are more on the way.  One interesting upcoming hand held device is the SMACH Z hand held gaming PC.  If you love PC gaming this is the device for you. Read more »

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