Pokémon Mod for Ark: Survival Evolved DMCA Lifted

Ark: Survival Evolved was one of the big indie hits on Steam last year. A survival game where you can tame triceratops and even become a triceracops, it was a jewel in the sea of Early Access. This year, a new mod arrived, which was making waves for Pokémon fans everywhere! The Ark: Survival Evolved Pokémon Edition mod was on its way to becoming the most popular mod yet, on this fantastic game. Many fans couldn’t wait until the glorious moment where they could ride a Charizard into battle against a Blastoise, but good things never seem to last. Read more »

The Switch Proves Nintendo Does Not Want Change

It’s hard to believe that Nintendo was once the king of gaming. A pinnacle of innovation and game technology, yet they became drunk on their own power. Slowly, but surely, Nintendo’s supporters dwindled and eventually it could only support itself. Starting with the Nintendo 64 with its archaic cartridge based system, and eventually culminating with the Wii U, which nearly saw no support from third parties. Yet, somehow, they refuse to change their ways and if this continues, their downward spiral will continue until Nintendo’s reputation is ruined. But if the Nintendo Switch is any example, then we can’t expect any alterations to their methodology. Read more »

Three Major Reasons Not to Pre-Order the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo never seems to learn from their mistakes. While Nintendo is often lauded for launching some of the most incredible titles of our generation, they aren’t exactly recognized for their common sense department being properly staffed. Now after the failed launched of the Wii U, a console which confused consumers and had an abysmal game library, Nintendo decided to cut its losses and replace it with the Nintendo Switch. Read more »

Redout Nintendo Switch Racer

Redout Looks to Become First Original Racing Game on Nintendo Switch

Sure, everyone knows about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but how many know about Redout, which is also coming to the Nintendo Switch? Redout uses Epic’s Unreal graphics engine to produce some quite impressive visuals, just look at the video embedded below for proof. For me, I cannot shake that feeling that Redout is quite similar, at least some of the racers are, to Star Wars Racer. Anti gravity based racing fans of Wipeout, F-Zero, et al. keep your eyes on Redout. Read more »

Harvest Moon Skytree Village

Harvest Moon – Skytree Village to Launch New Downloadable Content Packs

The Harvest Moon series is one of those venerable franchises that has been around for a couple of decades yet continues to keep fans interested. The latest title in this popular franchise, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village, will be receiving a few updates soon. These updates will bring some interesting additions to the game, some that hardcore fans will welcome with open arms. An interesting point of these new downloadable content (DLC) updates is the date they are hitting. Read more »

Hero Unit 911 Operator

Become a 911 Operator in Hero Unit Available Now for Android

Okay, in the world of text adventure games, gamers have traveled the universe, fought for the ecosystem, and saved the world from many atrocities. One area that has not been explored in text adventures is that of taking on the role of a 911 operator. With Hero Unit, we can finally cross that profession off the short list of remaining opportunities. Take calls, help people, and hopefully save their lives. Read more »

Todd and The Book of Pure Evil

Do you love heavy metal? Is your stomach made of solid steel? Have a dark sense of humor and penchant for gorn? Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is here to satisfy your needs. A lovingly crafted tribute to the genre of metal, and a hilarious television show which aired in 2010. The eponymous Todd is just your average underperforming high school student who wants to be a heavy metal god. One day, he stumbles upon a book with weird writing on it, which grants him wishes. But as with everything that seems too good to be true, the book comes with some unfortunate side-effects. Read more »

One Day at a Time – Wonderfully Witty

One Day at a Time is a charming remake of the sitcom with the same name which aired from 1975 to 1984. A witty and cleverly written portrayal of a Cuban-American family. The Alvarez family consists of army veteran Penelope, a divorcee with two children, Elena and Alex, and along with their grandma, Lydia, who’s recently lost her husband. To balance out the female to male cast ratio is Schneider, their neighbor who is an illegal alien and also a talented handyman and business owner. Now Penelope must balance family, work, personal life, and a very religious mother who still speaks to her deceased husband. Read more »

Mirabook Android

Do We Need the Mirabook Cell Phone Based Laptop?

It is nothing new to those of us that peruse the fringe area of technology to see something like the Mirabook. For those that do not know what this is, it is a laptop that is powered literally by your cell phone. Microsoft has been working on something like the Mirabook with their Continuum option for Windows Phone supporters (they are still out there). The question now though is: do we really need this type of option? Does anyone care? Read more »

Sonic Boom TV Trailer

Sonic Boom is Awesome!

Action, Adventure, and Sonic the Hedgehog are awaiting for us in Sonic Boom. Now hold your pitch forks as I’m not talking about the god-awful game released two years ago on the Wii U or its slightly better 3DS version. I’m talking about the cartoon that is currently on its second season, and it is awesome. It’s understandable that many Sonic fans would not give the series a chance, as we grew up with our own version of the cartoons, and they had their own merits. However, if I’m as bold to say that I think Sonic Boom is not only on par with all four previous Sonic cartoons and movie, but that it’s probably the best iteration of Sonic to this day. Read more »

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