Power Rangers Toys Move to Hasbro 2019, Franchise Purchase Option Mentioned

Power Rangers Hasbro Logo

It seems that Hasbro has unseated Bandai as the toy maker for Saban Brands extremely popular franchise, Power Rangers. It goes a little deeper than that though as the press release got vague at a key point. For now, it

Arcade1Up Offering Fans Do-It-Yourself Option


What is holding you back from owning your very own arcade machine? Time? Money? General ability to follow through on new ventures such building an arcade machine? Well, Tastemakers are going to change that for you later this year with

Atari Eyeing Crptocurrency Development

Atari Logo

Atari, the company that arguably started video games is now eyeing cryptocurrencies. Specifically, their own cryptocurrency called Atari Token. This is interesting news because Atari recently announce they are returning to the console market with the Atari Box. Then they

Horror Review: Dead Island by Mark Morris

The first time I read Dead Island, I slapped it with a 2-star rating, the equivalent of, “It was OK.” Six years later, after playing through the game for the fourth or fifth time, I got to thinking about the

Tomb Raider Arcade Game Appearing Soon

It seems that Tomb Raider is not only coming to theaters but arcades near you. Right now, the Tomb Raider arcade machine is expected in limited venues but could be featured in more generally available arcades later.

Xbox One Receives Three More Backwards Compatible Games – Not All First-Person Shooters Either

Xbox One Console

The Xbox One is purportedly the most powerful console on the market today but that doesn’t mean it can do everything. One thing it doesn’t do out of the box is play original Xbox or Xbox 360 titles. That is

Pokemon Get Physical Releases

Mega Construx

Pokemon are quite a marketing item. It seems where ever their likenesses are placed there is money to be made. Especially if it is Pikachu, the little yellow rat like looking one. Now we are on the cusp of seeing

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Bound

SNK are known for their fighting games. Particularly the female battlers. Come on, you know it is true. How many reading this pumped quarters into SNK fighting games to see Mai Shiranui’s winning poses? Anyhow, SNK will be releasing SNK

Friday Flops #1 – McDonald’s McD.L.T.


McDonald’s are not known for being scared to try new things. While they are willing to try new things often, it is not all that often that those new things are rolled out nationwide. The McRib is one item that

XFL To Make Return Nearly 20 Years After First Attempt

The WWE, owned by Titan Sports whose board of directors is headed by Vince McMahon, is about to have some company in the portfolio of the corporation. It seems that Vince McMahon has decided to bring back the XFL, a

Idle Space Game Review

Before I start this review let me say that I am normally not a fan of clicker games. Yet, here I am reviewing one and have one more on my phone waiting for a review. That should tell readers something

Taking Notes Reveals Beautiful Paper Art

Paper Art

Omoshiroi Block. Have ever heard of these before? You have now. These are memo pads that reveal architecture and other things as you use them. We are not talking about simple square buildings here, no, we are talking about Kyoto’s

Will You Watch the Halo Television Show?

Halo Showtime

Stephen Spielberg is working on a television show based on Microsoft’s Halo for Showtime. The question is, will fans of the game watch the television show? Considering it is going to be on Showtime it is probably not going to

MX Versus ATV All Out Game Play Trailer Released

MX vs ATV All Out

I am a closet racing game fan. Particularly dirt bike and such style racing games. This bug developed after downloading the demo for Motocross Maniacs from Microsoft. I was easily sucked into the fun of amazingly dangerous jumps, tricks, racing

Amazon Alexa Coming to Vehicles

Amazon Alexa

If you have ANY qualms about Amazon’s Alexa and the big security hole it leaves in your life, then you may not want to buy a new vehicle. It seems that a major car manufacturer is planning on including the

Green Man Gaming Teams Up with Ubisoft

Uplay Logo

Digital gaming is something that gamers are not going to get away from anytime soon. If ever. At least companies that manage these digital gaming stores are making attempts to work together. Green Man Gaming, one of the leading digital