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Scrape Yourself Off the Pavement with Road Rash II on Sega Genesis – Today in History – July 22nd, 1993

We are in the period where a lot of iconic games turn 25 years old. From many Super Nintendo classics to the 16-bit thorn in Nintendo’s side, the Sega Genesis, there are a lot of iconic games released during this

Duckslayer Adventures Homage to Atari 2600 Classic

Modern independent homebrew developers often find inspiration in the classics. Take Duckslayer Adventures, by Herold de Oliveira Pinheiro, for instance – this is a homage to the classic game that kicked off the whole “Easter Egg” idea. Adventure on the

WWF Royal Rumble Review on Super Nintendo

Wrestling games are quite a conundrum of gaming. Some developers get it just right while others have trouble figuring out what exactly a “squared circle” is. While not perfect, for the time, LJN’s WWF Royal Rumble for the Super Nintendo,

Xenocider Continues Development on Sega Dreamcast

If you are new to Retro Gaming Magazine then you probably missed out on earlier Xenocider coverage. This is a new game from Retro Sumus that might resemble a 128-bit Space Harrier set in a different futuristic world. Recently we

Populous Review

Sure, today playing god in a game is nothing new.  We have plenty of options if this is your one and only goal in your electronic entertainment.  Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s though, options were much more

Mortal Kombat Murders Competition on Sega CD – Today in History – May 26th, 1994

Mortal Kombat was the one title that did something no other title in history could. It forced Nintendo to change their staunch censoring policy. Prior to Mortal Kombat appearing on the Super Nintendo it was almost unheard of to see

Is Retro Becoming Mainstream in Video Gaming?

If you’ve been paying even a little bit of attention to the video game industry then you will have noticed some patterns emerging over the last few years. One of the better of these, at least from our point of

Animaniacs Takeover Warner Bros Studio Lot – Today in History – May 14th, 1994

Konami back in the day rocked. One case in point was their licensed use of cartoon character such as Tiny Toons or Animaniacs (two popular “new” cartoons form the 1990’s). There was such a time that a company such as

Update Sega Game Gear Retail Resurrection Occurs in Wisconsin, Location and Sale Dates Confirmed

It is no secret that Sega has announced they are working with AtGames (ugh)on what is being called the “Sega Genesis Mini” but their return to retail was preempted, slightly. Earlier this year, in a retail location in Wisconsin, Sega

New Sega Genesis Game Crypt of Dracula to Show at Retro Revival Event

Who does not like a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl? If you are tired of the traditional grid-based gameplay then you will want to check out Crypt of Dracula. It takes the traditional view point and modifies it a bit.