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If you are like me, live over the air, television kind of plays a sizable chunk in your entertainment choices. Channel Master is launching their Stream+ device later this month. Why is that interesting? Because it features live television DVR capabilities and happens to run Android TV which brings with it a whole bunch of other entertainment options.

The Stream+ features dual television tuners so you can watch one show and record another (or record two shows while watching a streaming service). That is nice considering it took literally forever for cable companies and satellite providers to do the same thing.

Channel Master has crammed a bit of tech inside a small package including the dual television tuners I mentioned already along with an Ethernet port, HDMI out with support for 4K and HDR content and optical audio out (for all you audiophiles out there). There is also a microSD card slot which when used will activate the Live Channels DVR.

The remote for the Stream+ will support voice commands and if you read this article, or this one, then you know my feelings on that.

The interesting part about the Stream+ is that it will be available for about $99. Channel Master are opening pre-orders later this month for the Stream+ so if you are in the market for this stuff you can sign up, put your money where your mouth is and own it.

Me, I am not too sure. I mean, I love the idea of an over the air DVR, especially with my local area offering three classic television channels, two crime channels, and a sci-fi channel all over the air. This thing could save me a lot of missed show watching such as missing Night Court or Alice. Been years since I heard “Kiss my grits” and it still makes me laugh.

Source: Channel Master

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