Scrape Yourself Off the Pavement with Road Rash II on Sega Genesis – Today in History – July 22nd, 1993

We are in the period where a lot of iconic games turn 25 years old. From many Super Nintendo classics to the 16-bit thorn in Nintendo’s side, the Sega Genesis, there are a lot of iconic games released during this period 25 years ago. One being Electronic Arts’ Road Rash II. One of the few titles that Sega’s 16-bit console had no competition to compete with on Super Nintendo or the Turbo Grafx-16. This was a wholly Sega platform title.

The first Road Rash was received quite well, regardless of the limited gameplay available. There was only one weapon in the first game where the focus was not so much on taking out opponents. In Road Rash II we now have a chain and basic fighting mechanics to take out other motorcyclists.

Where the first motorcycle combat game was based solely in California, the second two-wheel vehicular combat racer is based in a few states. Alaska, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, and Vermont all see pavement in Road Rash II races.

While the second Road Rash title used a modified engine that we saw in the first game it was also improved upon quite a bit. Sprites are upgraded a bit, new animations to accommodate the fighting and new weapon are included, and there are more varied racers available.

Another major change in the gameplay is the addition of nitrous oxide for the bikes. This is the first appearance of a feature that will be a major player in later iterations of Road Rash titles.

There are also new game modes available here. Two Player mode is a true two-player split screen mode and a duel mode called “Mano a Mano”. That second mode is just you and your human opponent, settling a score with any bike, any weapon, and length of track you wish to take on.

Road Rash II is an iconic 16-bit combat racer that may not have aged all that well but that does not diminish its place in history.

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