The Mummy – What the Hell Happened?

Okay, the original Mummy and Mummy Returns were fun romps through ancient Egypt meets the semi-modern world.  There even was a third movie.  While there were a lot of liberties taken, the series was still fun and entertaining- it was not a history documentary.  No more so than the Indiana Jones movies.  After the second Mummy movie though, things went to hell.  In 2017 there is to be a reboot of the series released.  This reboot will star Tom Cruise who apparently found time between making more Mission Impossible movies. 

We got more than a couple of spin-offs from the Mummy movies.  There was The Scorpion King which for some reason has more movies than the freaking series that spawned it.  There are statements by Universal Studios representatives that this reboot of The Mummy will be part of a shared universe.  Shared universes are kind of new to movies that are adapted from comic books.  Anyhow, this reboot of the franchise, while not relying on the originals but for the most acute needs, will be a part of a shared universe with other Universal properties.  The first movie in this new shared universe was apparently Dracula Untold which gave more history on Vlad Tepes.

For a lot of people they just ignore the Scorpion King movies and focus on the first two in the Mummy series- even ignoring the third movie (they changed Evelin).  What I don’t understand is why they spun off and did four movies in the Scorpion King series and just dropped the original series.  While not perfect, The franchise could have easily continued their fun romps throughout the world.  Sure, it would have run thin having a corpse in rags pop up in every movie but they could have expanded the lore a bit- Egyptian history is rife with intrigue and untold tales.

There was a great chance to do a more family friendly romp through history with the Mummy franchise.  I doubt this reboot will be anything nearly as fun and family friendly.  I am still left wondering just what the hell happened with the Mummy?

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