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Before I start this review let me say that I am normally not a fan of clicker games. Yet, here I am reviewing one and have one more on my phone waiting for a review. That should tell readers something about how good this one is, and that other one well it will have to wait its turn. Idle Space is not just any clicker game where you are clicking the same damn spaces on screen after screen. Nope, there is actual action going on here. Something the genre is sorely lacking.

Most clicker games have you clicking on the same place on the screen over and over. Idle Space allows you to click where ever, and there is even an auto clicker available at no charge. Your ship automatically fires one type of weapon, a weak one but still a defense, while your taps bring into action homing missiles. You are not required to steer the rig either, the game handles that. What is left is you clicking the hell out of the screen in a frantic, almost spastic, fashion attempting to destroy as many enemy craft as you can. There are over 30 different enemies to take out and let me tell you, even powered way the hell up, you are going to find yourself having to tap more than a few times to take out some of the later enemies, and we are not even talking about the bosses yet.

Bosses regularly take up most of the screen and will whittle down your defenses quickly. This is what you are powering up your ship for – that next boss battle. Thankfully, Idle Space makes upgrades easy and somewhat interesting. Rather than just upgrading your homing missiles every chance you have, there is strategic value to upgrading techs and your main cannon or one over the other.

Idle Space offers a ton of options with the upgrades. The base upgrade system is homing missiles, main cannon, tech, ship hull (hit points). Then you have three techs you can bring into battle at any given time (out of a lot more than three, and more open as you progress). These are upgraded via the tech option and not individually.

Like having a shield but it is not sticking around long enough? Power up your tech option with the money earn from taking down the enemy. Bosses handing your butt to you too quickly for your taste? Power up your ship hull so you can hang with the big boys longer. Maybe you are more of an offensive gamer and can hammer that gorilla glass screen like no one’s business – in that case, power up those homing missiles or main cannon.

When you are away from the game you are still earning. That is something that these clicker games have in common. This is also one of their main selling points – that you can continue progressing by not playing.

With Idle Space, when you come back from an extended period away you get the chance to watch a short video to triple your earnings. Not a bad deal, I take it every time.

Now, how do you earn the big bucks in Idle Space? There are upgrades for that. Watch a video and you can get a 20 minute “double” for money or damage to the enemy. As you play you will pick up these powerups from the levels as a perk. Sometimes you can wrack up a 4 or 8-hour power up. These are even in effect when you are away from the game so if you know you are done for a while, set a double power up and turn the game off to maximize your reward when you come back.

You can even customize the color and such of your ship if you want. It is not required for the game, but it is a bit of originality you can throw into your game. We are not talking Sims level customization but still a bit of fun.

If you are not a fan of clickers but like shooting games, then Idle Space may be for you. I know I have enjoyed my time with it so far. I am nearing level 100 and still find myself at least loading up the game to get the bonus money, triple it, power up my ship, play a bit then turn it off again. That is more than I do with other clicker games I have tried in the past.

Idle Space by ColdFire Games
Platform: Android (Ascend XT2 used for review)
Genre: Clicker, shooter
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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