What the Hell Happened- Power Rangers

In the early 90’s we saw the launch of a live action, primary colored, television show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  I was probably a little too old to be included in the demographic for this series but I was still a fan of, at least, the original series.  It was fun and it was different.  Nothing else on television at the time could compare.  It was also pulling on the nostalgia strings for people my age.  You see, Power Rangers had a very reminiscent feel that reminded me of another multi colored hero show from the 80’s. 


Power Rangers was like the live action version of Voltron.  At least for me it was.  Watching the adventures of the rangers was cool, at least for the original team, as it was actually done decently.  It was not “giant monster” movie from the 50’s Japan film industry- rather it was more 80’s “giant monster” from the Japan film industry.  It was far ahead of similar entries in this area.

Soon there is going to be a Power Rangers reboot in theaters (TV too cheap?).  This reboot will feature similarly colored heroes operating giant robots in an effort to protect their planet.  The premise is the same as the original series and will feature new actors playing the roles of the characters.  Billy, Kimberly etc will be in this one so it is at least going in the same order as the television series.

Apparently the idea behind this reboot is to appeal to older audiences than to the younger ones originally.  This is quite apparent in how Rita Repulsa has been portrayed in this feature film.  She is no longer wearing baggy robes, a huge head-dress and other “figure hiding” clothing.  No, Elizabeth Banks is definitely taking the character in a new direction that definitely does not scream “for the kids”.  I am not saying this is bad, just I am not sure the studio is going to see the results from this that they are wanting.  I think a more kiddie take, like the television series and couple of movies already available, would be more fitting with this license.  Why re-invent a perfectly fine, cash earning, franchise to be more adult?  Why not take something that has not been made into a movie yet, that has more leniency in the audience, and mature it?  Say, Voltron or He-Man.

Is this a shot in the dark, pulling at the nostalgia strings of fans of the original television series who are now adults?  Could this be a cash grab at the merchandise table as adults have more disposable income than younger fans do?

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