Fight Fires in Paperville Panic for PC, Coming Soon

Paperville Panic Virtual Reality Steam

What kind of world is made of paper and the inhabitants have no clue about fire? The world of Paperville that is. This is just as wacky as it sounds. You are the last hope for the world of Paperville because a fire has broken out and no one has a clue that they are going to die a horrible death. That means taking up the water hose and becoming the first, and only, firefighter in Paperville. Are you up to the challenge?

Things are not as easy as they sound so prepare for some unforeseen antics. The Paperville universe is all paper so fire is extremely dangerous. While the Paperville Fire Department does exist, they are completely inadequate at being prepared for the challenge. This is where you come in.

“We are so excited to share Paperville with the community and get people involved at PAX Aus later this month” said marketing lead, Meredith. “Now that we’re on the Steam store, we just want to hear from the community as to what they’d like to see in-game.”

This is another virtual reality title that has a unique twist on the normal game. At least developers are beginning to do more with VR than just another straight horror title. I don’t have a problem with horror games but there are so many other genres available that it is becoming sad that we don’t see more experimental titles like Paperville Panic.

If you have ever wanted to romp around an imaginary world made of paper but missed out on Paper Monsters (I need to do an updated review on Gaming on Batteries) then Paperville Panic is probably the game for you. I am definitely interested in seeing more myself.

Paperville Panic by Ultimerse
Platform: PC with Virtual Reality headset
Genre: Adventure
Available December 2017 on Steam.

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