Cuphead on iOS Scam Makes Rounds, Don’t Fall for It

Cuphead PC

This is not something that is new for games. Just look at Google’s Play Store for proof that rip offs and other crap are abundant. Many using the name and images of the name sake they are ripping off. Cuphead seems to be the subject of a recent scam, this time on iOS of all things. This is surprising because Apple is usually a little more on top of these things. I guess even they have some slip through from time to time.

Before you get all excited and think you will finally be able to play Cuphead on the go, settle down. It is not happening. At least not yet. The version that made the rounds recently on iTunes is a fake app that is only designed to eat up revenue from unknowing gamers that simply want to play a cool game.

According to’s Tatiana Morris, the person behind this “Studiomdhrgames” is also behind other, similar, rip offs that share a common attribute. They are all designed to simply rip off fans and take money and run like hell.

That is not cool. That is why I am writing this, to help spread the word about this ripoff. I was one of the journalists that was pointing a very stiff finger at the RETRO Video Game System fiasco over at Retro Gaming Magazine. It is a duty that I feel too few of us in the gaming industry are taking seriously.

For a bit of information on the real game, I reviewed Cuphead on PC over on Retro Gaming Magazine, check it out and head over to the various digital stores that carry it and support the REAL developer.

Please, don’t give these people any of your money. Do a bit of research beforehand. If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.


Carl Williams

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