Cell Shaded Gaming Gets Crazy Justice Next Year

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What happened to cell shaded games? They were supposed to be the next “big” thing but only kind of whimpered out. There were a few notable games such as Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker but not much else has stood out using this art style. Crazy Justice looks to fix that with a new third person shooter for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, Linux and SteamOS.

Crazy Justice gives everyone the world to play in, from the North Pole to New York alleys and to Egypt among many more. The idea is the two teams will be fighting it out on maps that are based on real world locations. Each team will have a Tesla to protect (energy source I take it?) as they attempt to destroy the Tesla of their opponents. Players will be able to collect items such as wood, metal, special elements, etc which are used to upgrade their fortress that houses the Tesla for their team.

Winning a round is as easy as destroying your opponent’s Tesla or causing more damage than they did.

Game modes to expect include:

Single player/co-op mode – Story mode. This mode is designed to help players become acclimated to the Crazy Justice game play system and learn a bit about the various characters. If you have a friend available, you can take on the story with them in a co-op mode.

Multiplayer mode – Survive. This mode places a Tesla in the middle of the map. This Tesla creates a shield around the map and slowly shrinks it. Any characters outside this shield will die. Be the last player alive to win. Simple.

Multiplayer mode – Protect the Tesla. This is the meat of Crazy Justice where players team up and take on each other to destroy the opposing Tesla. Try not to lose friends in this mode.

Fans of third person shooters, here you go. Check out the game play video above and tell me you are not at least interested in giving a few rounds a run through in Crazy Justice. Help make it happen on Fig.com right now.

Crazy Justice by Black Riddles Studio Ltd
Platform: Windows, Linux, SteamOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Genre: 3rd person shooter
Available second quarter 2018

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