Jumanji – What the Hell Happened?

The original Jumanji was a hit movie that starred the late Robin Williams.  It was a fun romp through a fantasy world meets the, then, modern world.  It had action, it had comedy and it was released at the right time for that type of movie.  Now Hollywood, who are in love with remakes and reboots, are working on a reboot of the movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Besides the obvious “why” question, I am wondering what the hell happened here?

Okay, for some reason people think Dwayne Johnson can do no wrong- from movies to games to sports entertainment.  He shows up and it is all of a sudden whatever it may be was suddenly “good or better”.  I am not sure what this fascination with Johnson is.  I don’t hate him, I am just not a huge fan of his.  Casting him in the lead role of a movie like Jumanji is only going to bring heat from fans of Robin Williams.  Course that could be leveled at anyone playing the lead if they were not Robin Williams.

Since the whole point of Jumanji is pretty much a revision of the Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz ideas.  The characters are forced to deal with a new world full of good and bad people.  Why do a remake of this movie rather than just do a sequel telling a new story using the board as the mechanism?  Kind of like the old Hellraiser movies.  They didn’t remake the first after several years, they just kept making new ones using the cube as the catalyst.  The franchise was just fine doing that.  No reason Jumanji cannot follow a similar setup.

Using the board as a catalyst to more adventures would allow A LOT more freedom to the story.  Hell, they could easily do a television show based on the board giving new adventures each day for the kids playing it.  Sometimes a remake is not the right way to go.

What are your thoughts?

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