Rough Times Ahead for WWE Diva After Monday Night Raw Mistake

Charlotte Flair is the current Monday Night Raw Women’s Champion. She is likely to keep the title for a fair while since WWE need to build its reputation up. At the last Pay Per View (PPV) event, Roadblock, Charlotte Flair ended her feud with Sasha Banks, successfully taking back the title from Snoop Dogg’s cousin. A new challenger has stepped up to feud with the WWE Women’s Champion for the title, but after Monday Night Raw, it may be awhile before she gets another title shot.

The Monday Night Raw following Roadblock Bayley made it clear that she felt she deserved a title shot. Later that night, she received just that. Depending on your point of view on Bayley as a competitor, it could be viewed as a miracle that she won the non-title match. Personally, I like Bayley; she is a great female face and is very much over with the crowd. Something Monday Night Raw is sorely missing right now. No, Sasha Banks is not a “good” face for the Women’s Division; she is in a position similar to the late Eddie Guererro later in his career (the fans simply refuse to boo).

During the non-title match, Bayley was successful in winning via pin fall. There was a bit of controversy, though, as Charlotte Flair was able to get her shoulder up during the pin. Since the referee was on the wrong side, he did not see it, counted to three and awarded Bayley the win.

This last Monday Night (December 26th), we saw Bayley wrestle Charlotte Flair again. This time, Flair would have an impartial referee to call the match. This turned out to be Dana Brooke, a Women’s Division competitor that was rumored to have been removed from television abruptly after nudes of her appeared online.

During the match, Bayley put her hands on referee Dana Brooke. Since Brooke was acting in the position of a WWE official, this could be bad for Bayley. Brooke ended up doing a fast count, handing Flair the win.

If WWE give Bayley a suspension (usually 30 days for the first offense), then it could be used to build the competitor up to be even bigger with the fans. This could also give Flair time to wrestle other women that many feel deserve a shot at the title–women other than Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Right now, nothing is concrete or even hinted at by WWE. That does not mean they won’t announce something about Bayley’s actions during the week via their website and/or .

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