Dex Brings Dystopian Future to PlayStation Vita, PS4 and Xbox One Gamers

It seems the future is not all roses and green grass, certainly not in Dex for the PlayStation Vita. Taking on the role of the titular Dex, a refugee of sorts being hunted by corporate mercs, you must survive the treacherous levels. That is easier said than done. For a good idea of what you face in this new 2D side scroller for Sony’s portable, check the trailer out after the jump.

Dex is not alone in her quest, though, as she routinely depends on three hacktivists: light-minded Tony, mysterious Raycast, and protective Decker. Together, this team must survive the decimated world of the future.

Michal Cervenka (CEO, Dreadlocks): “With Dex, we tried to portray the struggle for individuality with a mix of action and role-playing gameplay. PlayStation Vita owners have much to be excited for as 2016 draws to a close.”

Dex brings an interesting mix of role playing elements to 2D side scrolling action bouts. There are action scenes to deal with where you fight in hand to hand combat with enemies and then there are stealth sections. These stealth sections will require you to be a little more conservative in your actions and to take your time or you will cause more trouble than you can handle.

It is interesting to see Dex released now just as we are seeing a resurgence of science fiction in movies with the new Blade Runner 2049 trailer released and Ghost in the Shell also on its way. I think Dex is going to be in fine company. Gamers will be looking for games based on those properties (which aren’t available) and hopefully that will play into Dex getting more exposure.

Will you be purchasing Dex for your PlayStation Vita, PS4 or Xbox One console?

Dex by Badland Games
Genre: 2D Side scrolling adventure
Rated: M for Mature
Platform: Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, Xbox One

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