Farming Simulator 17 Reminds us of the Joys from Farming!

Praised for it’s realistic representation of farming and variety in gameplay, Farming Simulator 17 is the latest game from Giants Software. Farming Simulator has been a staple in the farm simulation community alongside games such as Harvest Moon and currently Stardew Valley. Keeping this in mind, it’s clear that there is a market for the genre and Farming Simulator 17 continues to provide for such demands. But, while Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley focus on mixing aspects of farming elements with dating sims, Farming Simulator 17 is strictly an agricultural experience. You can ranch, you can grow, you can even drive a truck and if this is the kind of experience you seek, then you should be one of the millions of players who currently play this game.

You heard that correctly, Farming Simulator 17 has sold over a million copies worldwide, and that is no easy feat. Especially if we remember that farming in gaming is still (all things considered) a niche market. This all happened in less than a month and while some of us were enjoying our turkey dinner, others were growing their virtual crops and raising their digital cattle. But, what did Farming Simulator 17 have above its predecessor, you might ask?

For starters, there are more crops and animals; for the first time in the series you can choose a gender for your character. But, that’s just the basics, you can customize the vehicles you buy and transport goods with them. There are a variety of mods available on both console and PC. The game boasts more than 200 vehicles and a few new maps. This is only a brief summary of all the improvements that Farming Simulator 17 brings though. It would certainly take the help of others to discover everything it has to offer, which is great because the console version comes with multiplayer. After all, farming is “fun”, but with friends it’s even better! This way you can all simultaneously answer the call to nature.

While not everyone can afford to inherit a farm or even live in rural areas, Farming Simulator 17 does a fantastic job at virtually providing an outlet for those who would like to experience a more rural lifestyle.

Dash Bomber

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