WWE Interested in Buying Rival Company?

The WWE did not get as big as they are by playing nice with others.  Heck, rumor has it that Vince McMahon Jr usurped his own father out of the, then, World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF)- took things in a new direction and along the way, dropped a W from the name.  Under Vince McMahon the World Wrestling Federation went from a small territory in the United States to a global company that does shows across the planet, some near active warzones in the Middle East.  About 15 years ago, they bought out their biggest competitor, World Championship Wrestling (WCW).  Now, it appears they are making a move to buy out another, smaller, competitor- Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).  This time they have some competition and his name is not Eric Bischoff.

It seems that the WWE are interested, and so are Sinclair Broadcast Group (owner of another competitor, Ring of Honor).  At least rumors published by the New York Post state this is exactly what is happening.  Apparently the stakeholders in TNA are in agreement on a sale price.  Stakeholders in TNA include Chairwoman Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, Aroluxe Marketing and Canada‚Äôs Fight Network.  Who knew there were this many entities involved in the six sided ring?

To add some spice to the mix here, Billy Corgan is making waves in trying to become the majority stakeholder in TNA.  The question here is, who would he buy out?  Would he buy shares equally from each stakeholder or would he buy from just one partner such as Dixie Carter?

The likelihood that WWE would be outbid, if they are indeed interested in buying TNA, is not high.  Vince McMahon has proven many times over that if he wants something, money is no object for him (just look at some of the salaries he pays certain superstars).

The potential interes from WWE in TNA is obviously beneficial to the Connecticut corporation.  TNA has an extensive video catalog, much like WCW did when bought out, which holds the company value.  Recently we saw as AJ Styles, a homegrown TNA star, win the highest honor in wrestling.  Samoa Joe, another wrestler that made his mark in TNA has held NXT gold.  Bobby Roode, Eric Young and more are, or were in, NXT in the last year.  A WWE buyout of TNA is more likely.  The question is, how much is Billy Corgan set to earn in this sale if he is able to maneuver himself into the majority shareholder position?  Corgan is a shrewd business man.  Vince McMahon is even shrewder.  Remember that.


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