Future of Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan has been a fan favorite which helped him in popularity and over come great challenges. It also helped him win the WWE World Championship. Not too long after winning he had to give up the title due to injury. There were reports after that he wanted to come back. Along with those reports were the claims that WWE would not medically clear him to wrestle. Something most WWE fans know is that there is the fantasy part of WWE and the real life part of WWE. I think the key to WWE staying successful is keeping those two parts a mystery.

Flash forward to Smackdown Live August 30, 2016. For those who don’t know, during a taping of “Talking Smack”, Daniel Brayan and the Miz got into an argument. Daniel called the Miz a coward regarding his wrestling style. In the opening we see Shane McMahon telling Daniel that he should give them is an apology. Daniel replies at the end “I find this advice ironic coming from the guy who has beef with Brock Lesnar”.

Now, is this the setting up for breakdown between Shane and Daniel, or is this the setting up for a comeback match (even for one match) between Daniel Bryan and the Miz? Or, is this the set up for both?

I think many fans would love to see Daniel come back to wrestle again even if just once. To my memory, Daniel has not had an official “retirement”. Let’s not forget also, there have been a number of older wrestlers who have had (even if short and safe) a wrestling match, even after they have been out of the business for years. So why not give one more match between Daniel and the Miz?

I think also that they’re being a breakdown between Daniel and Shane could lead to a rebuilding in the professional relationship between the two. Shane after a few weeks can tell Brian that because he has made a point about the Miz. The problem is the Miz made a valid point about Brian. So it’s going to be a “your fired” match between the Miz and Daniel Bryan.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this match be a “you’re fired” match?


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