Wonder Woman Cinematic Trailer – Thoughts, Concerns and Gal Gadot

It is probably no secret to you that the new Wonder Woman cinematic trailer has been released at Comic-Con today.  There is a lot of hype behind this movie and for many, it is rightfully deserved.  The Wonder Woman character has been all but completely ignored in DC Comics cinematic universe – go ahead, name one instance in a theatrically released DC movie that she is mentioned other than Batman vs Superman.  I will wait.  Now it seems DC is working to correct the decades of snubbing their first lady has received- the question is, how close to the source material will they go?

In the trailer we learn that Wonder Woman, er Diana, was given life by Zeus and she has no father.  This would be in line with the first origin story for the character.  All fine and dandy there- they know the source material history and that can be a good thing.  We only see her shield, a hint at a sword or knife style weapon, the lasso of truth (destruction in the trailer) and her indestructible bracelets (arms and feet).  The tiara that she wears in the comics is shown when she is in full Wonder Woman clothing but she is not shown using it as a projectile as she did in the comics.

So far so good.  They are playing with her overall look which is working quite well without her being over sexualized in the movies.  Since it appears they are going with the pre-Crisis Wonder Woman there may be a few concerns for movie goers thinking this is a woman empowering movie.  See, in comics it is more and more commonplace to simply rewrite everything and start over (DC has done this a few times since the 80’s).  That is why I bring up “pre-Crisis” Wonder Woman as that is the only version of Wonder Woman that had the character lose our powers by having her bracelets chained or bound by a man.  In more recent iterations of the Wonder Woman character the whole “losing super powers when her arms are bound by a man” angle was dropped.  In comics this was first rewritten in the 1980’s after the Crisis on Infinite Earths angle was finished.

Gal Gadot is seemingly the perfect actress to play the big screen Wonder Woman role.  She just fits the role so well- her look, acting and professionalism for the role seem to work really well.  I do hope this is a hit as the character of Wonder Woman has been ignored in cinema for way too long.  Hell, Catwoman beat her to theaters in a solo movie and co-star role already.

The question still stands.  Will this angle make a return in the movies?  While it could open up a challenge for the female semi deity it could also stop a lot of possible fans from watching it.  I ask because it seems most of the mythos we know so far for the Wonder Woman movie will be pulled from the Golden Age comics (the only place she can be bound and helpless).

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