Deadpool Versus Candy Crush Saga

What would happen if Deadpool was faced with an opponent that could control candy like Magneto does metal?  Well, find out in this short film that answers just that.  It even includes an old friend just for kicks.

The short is only a few minutes long but it is quite hilarious, especially if you liked the style of the Deadpool movie.  The old friend is the cousin of Dopinder, who is not exactly all that thrilled with Deadpools actions.  What is cool about this video is that the editing and special effects are quite good.  At first it doesn’t look like Dopinder’s cousin is actually playing Candy Crush Saga as he hits single pieces of candy at Deadpool.  Later in the video he is shown making matches like you would normally so it works out.

Since this is short film featuring Deadpool you know there are going to be a few quips that break the fourth wall.  These include cursing at Youtube and others.  The ending to the video is quite funny too as it really comes off as a Deadpool way to end things, I mean, he does lose a limb after all.

What funny videos have you seen?


Carl Williams

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