Subscription Boxes, Enough is Enough Already

Who reading this has a subscription to a “crate” or a “box” or whatever.  These are sets of stuff that is sent out at regular intervals, usually every month, and you have a vague idea as to what is inside.  I won’t bring in the whole ‘mystery’ toy that is, for some reason, popular at stores like Wal-Mart now, that is another article altogether.  No, these subscription boxes are usually $20, or so, and contain various things- a shirt, maybe some pictures, a small toy, a book and other little things pertaining to the subject for that month.  Early on, subscription boxes were an anomaly, an interesting little gimmick.  Now, they are everywhere.  The question is, have you grown tired of seeing these subscription boxes everywhere?

The most popular one that I know of is Loot Crate, or Lootcrate however you want to spell it.  They are also the biggest in this field, offering multiple subscription boxes, even “DX” versions with “bigger” and more expensive items in them (and a heftier price to boot).  Loot Crate offers subscription boxes for anime, gaming, pets, and specialty boxes for Firefly, Star Wars, Aliens and Call of Duty.  In total, Loot Crate offers about 10 subscription boxes.

Loot Crate breaks subscription boxes down into themes.  The current theme, as of this writing, is “Quest”.  It is being promoted as containing the Loot Pin, monthly t-shirt and four exclusive items.  What those items are is a mystery, and probably part of the charm of these things.  Previous Loot Crate themes included “Galaxy”, “Invasion” and “Dead” among others.

Loot Crate is available at

BarkBox is a subscription crate for your dog, as the name implies.  The BarkBox is slightly different from the others on this list as it is specifically geared to one type of pet- dogs.  There is no gaming aspect to BarkBox, there is no movie tie-ins, just dog toys, treats and the like.  BarkBox requires you to simply pick your pets’ weight range and then your payment/subscription options.  Of course, the longer you subscribe for up front, the cheaper the box is per shipment.

BarkBox is available at

There are even food subscription boxes such as Graze.  These allow you to pick from a bunch of non-perishable foods like nuts and grains or dehydrated bananas, papaya etc.  Graze promotes itself as a healthy snacking choice, all conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Graze is available at

These are just a couple of the subscription boxes available.  If you are not sick of subscription boxes then check out the links below:

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