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Official Power Rangers Trailer Released

We have covered the upcoming Power Rangers reboot for a little while now here at Gravis Ludus.  To say we are at least interested is probably an understatement.  Until today though, we have been limited to official pictures and posters.  No real concrete evidence as to how the movie would work.  Would this be the […]

Power Rangers Movie Poster Disgraced

As we know the new Power Ranger movie is in production. True die-hard fans, have been very unsure about the reboot going ahead. Well it appears the posters haven’t filled us with hope about the new Power Rangers being a successful movie.

Power Rangers 2017 Update.

As we know by now the power rangers are returning for a movie in 2017, fans of these guys and girls in colourful suits are already excited for their long time awaited comeback to the big screen. The film will follow the storyline of the old 90s television series but with a modern twist.

Power Rangers Star Having Second Thoughts Concerning Reboot?

It is quite clear from the preview images that we have seen so far that the reboot of Power Rangers, due next year, is NOT the Power rangers of our youth.  No, this is going to be a darker movie that is probably going to deal with storylines that the original television show could only […]

Power Rangers Zordon Cast as Bryan Cranston

It is no secret that Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers reboot is being played by Elizabeth Banks.  We also know the actors and actresses playing the multi-color Power Rangers team.  Now we can add knowing that Bryan Cranston is portraying Zordon in this reboot that is set for March 24th, 2017.

What the Hell Happened- Power Rangers

In the early 90’s we saw the launch of a live action, primary colored, television show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  I was probably a little too old to be included in the demographic for this series but I was still a fan of, at least, the original series.  It was fun and it was […]

Ghostbusters – What the Hell Happened?

For anyone that doesn’t know, there is a Ghostbusters reboot planned for release mid-July.  It has gotten a lot of discussion going in just about every place it is mentioned.  It seems that the discussion is leaning more to being negative about the reboot than supportive of it.  There has even been a remade version […]

Friday the 13th – What the Hell Happened?

Horror movies.  The classic genre that is always around, no matter time of year.  In this genre there are few iconic franchises that hold fans for decades.  One such franchise is Friday the 13th.  We have seen approximately 12 movies in the main franchise so far.  This character has travelled through space and time, to […]

The Mummy – What the Hell Happened?

Okay, the original Mummy and Mummy Returns were fun romps through ancient Egypt meets the semi-modern world.  There even was a third movie.  While there were a lot of liberties taken, the series was still fun and entertaining- it was not a history documentary.  No more so than the Indiana Jones movies.  After the second […]

Pokemon TV App Receives Update, New Episodes Added

Pokemon is one of those television shows that I figured would run a few seasons and be done.  I was obviously wrong.  I thought the same thing about Power Rangers when it first debuted (and I am a huge fan of giant robot shows).  Anyhow, Pokemon is going strong on television, collectible card games and […]

Officers Under Fire for Waco Shooting

I’m sure by now, everyone has seen the reports on the news about the biker shootout in Texas that left 9 dead, and resulted in over 170 arrests. When the story first broke, everyone thought these bikers, who have been branded by society as thugs, criminals, and scum, were deserving of everything they got. But […]

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