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Puzzle games are a dime a dozen on mobile platforms.  This is apparent by simply opening your favorite mobile game store – go ahead, try it.  While there is a deluge of match 3 games that hope to capture 1/1,000th of the success of Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, there are a few unique puzzle games worth playing.  These are often overlooked due to the sheer number of copycat puzzle games these unique ones have to fight for exposure.  Knight’s Tour is one such unique puzzle game and if you have not at least tried it, you are missing out.

First, the name is a little misleading.  You may think this is a role playing game based on the name alone.  You could not be farther from the truth though.  The icon is a hint that this is based on the chess game piece called the “Knight”.  That is closer.  Knight’s Tour is a puzzle game that makes use of the manner in which the Knight chess piece moves.

The levels are small and grid based, similar to how the chess board is laid out in squares.  Playing as a knight piece brings up the challenge of the levels.  Since the knight moves two spaces one direction and one to either side.  This makes for some interesting level layouts and challenges.


The levels, while being small, often do hide other dangerous secrets.  Many spots on the board will have spikes pierce the ground once you have landed on them one time.  Smaller spikes only cause some damage while the single large spike will end your game nearly immediately.  This forces you to think about your patch around the levels in your effort to collect all of the coins laying around.

Want something unique in a puzzle game?  Check out Knight’s Tour on Android.

Knight’s Tour by Fynteam
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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