Why Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair Hell in a Cell Is Bad For WWE

If you watched Hell in a Cell this last Sunday night (October 30th) then you saw three cell matches with a few regular matches mixed in.  These three Hell in a Cell matches were a mixed bag of entertainment.  Roman Reigns versus Rusev was okay though things could have been manages better.  The other men’s Hell in a Cell match was Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins.  This match was good till, well, if you saw the match then you know where things unraveled for this one.  Finally we have the main event, the first Women’s Hell in the Cell match between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks.  It was great to see the women’s division main eventing a pay per view (PPV) but things may have gone too far and actually hurt the division rather than push it forward. 

The beginning of the match had the usual Flair trappings from the entrance (Charlotte being carried on out sitting on platform carried by four men) to the running of the mouth from Ric’s daughter.  Before the match began we see Flair attacking Sasha Banks and delivering quite a punishing series of offensive moves.  This left Sasha Banks in a position of appearing weaker against Charlotte Flair.  So much so that Flair was calling for the referee to give her the Women’s Title in forfeit.  Upon having that announcement begin going out to the arena and those watching live on the WWE Network, Banks had a second wind.

The match was pretty sound and well above what we saw from the previous two men’s Hell in a Cell matches of the night.  At least in my opinion.  You may be wondering how I can view this women’s match as bad for the WWE.  Read on.

The problem with Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair fighting each other is that there are no other women on the roster that can go like these two can.  That goes for both RAW and Smackdown Live.  Nikki may have been able to at one point in her career but she was never in the position to have to.  Now with her neck surgeries and such, I can’t see her competing on the level of Flair and Banks.  Same for Becky Lynch, while I like her, she just doesn’t have the “oomph” in her in-ring actions to be able to carry such an intense match like what we saw at Hell in a Cell Sunday night.

While Flair and Banks can burn the house down, they are unfortunately the only ones – against each other – that can bring this level of intensity.  Eventually the fans are going to leave in droves as it will begin to get old seeing Flair and Banks fighting each other.  What happens when the WWE have Flair or Banks lose to a less impressive women’s competitor, maybe someone like Carmella (I know she is on Smackdown Live).  This could happen at Survivor Series – whomever eliminates Flair in the match may be perceived as “stronger” than Banks overall, even if they cannot hold a candle to Banks in a one on one match.

While it is awesome seeing these two go at it – even if it is “one more time”, it will eventually lose its allure.  We have seen these two do nearly everything possible to stand out from the men on the same show.  From Charlotte doing a back flip off the top rope to the two performing in one of the better Hell in a Cell matches I have seen (I have seen a lot of them over the years).

Now, WWE, before these two grow stale fighting each other on their own level here, bring in some believable female talent that can stand with them.  If you don’t you may find yourself having to resort back to the crap we got during the Attitude Era for the women’s division.

Carl Williams

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