Alkonah Review Using GPD XD Android Device

3D adventure games on Google Play, which are not point and click affairs, are rare.  Alkonah is one such 3D adventure that gives you a world to explore to your heart’s content.  The biggest change that you will realize when playing Alkonah is there is no combat to speak of, at least none I discovered in my time playing.  I played Alkonah on the GPD XD device which features hardware controls so keep that in mind if you are going to give it a try on a touch only device.  The real question is, is this game worth your time?  Find out after the jump.

First, as mentioned already, there is no combat to speak of.  The worse situation I faced was creatures that I had to avoid.  There is no way to dispatch them as you play- only avoid them.  This reinforces what Alkonah is about- exploration in a 3D world.

The story of Alkonah is pretty simple.  You control an enchantress named Ester.  She is capable of travelling between worlds via portals.  Ester is now stuck in this frozen wasteland because the portal she used to get here is broken.  You are on a quest to find the necessary items to repair the portal and return to your world.

Android Alkonah

Simple.  Right?  What is not simple is finding those items.  There are jumps and obstacles to avoid on your quest.  If you have played very much then you probably remember how when you moved your dragon he would run around and the camera would correct on him.  In Alkonah the world itself rotates around Ester instead.  At first this can be a little disorienting but I was able to quickly come to grips with it.  Besides, there are no areas where this camera mechanic cost me a life or anything.

I want to bash Alkonah for not having much actual action but I just can’t do it.  The game is not meant to be another run and gun game.  It is meant to be a 3D exploration adventure and it does that really well.

Alkonah by SimonCorporation
Genre: 3D Adventure, exploration
Platform: Android (GPD XD used for review)
In App Purchases: None
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on

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