The Originals Season 4 – Are the Mikaelsons Going to Lose Two Siblings?

I have a treat for all The Originals fans out there! The new season will air early in 2017 and many of us are super excited to see how the story will unfold. As many know by now, there is said to be a new evil vampire coming to New Orleans and the Mikaelsons are going to struggle to defeat it. WARNING SPOILERS.The original vampire family have been living already for a thousand years, so it’s apparent the Mikaelson siblings can survive just about anything… Or can they? The Originals Season 3 ended with Klaus and his siblings defeated by Marcel. Freya cast a powerful spell to save them from extinction. Also, it is obvious to all who follow the show that the brawls will be fiercer when The Originals Season 4 returns.

Season 4 marks the return of Klaus and his beloved family. Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) will return. However, it is presumed that Klaus will return with greater power, Christian Post reports. Which is a good job too considering the said evil the family will have to face.

With this new evil vampire on the horizon, the Mikaelsons might also be saying goodbye to one or two of their siblings, Kol and Freya. Looking back on the last season, Freya, (the oldest sister of the family) tried everything to help her family so losing her in The Originals Season 4 will truly be a great loss for the Mikaelsons.

Reports have also been doing their rounds online, that The Originals Season 4 will only have 13 episodes, instead of the usual 22. The producers have not really disclosed on this cutback, however, fans will have to wait for more developments about that, I can’t see fans being happy about their season being cut if that’s what they plan on doing.

So there you have it The Originals latest news, stay tuned for more updates.




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