The Vampire Diaries Season 8: is Stefan Going to Sideline Damon? and Other TVD News

Many fans are now counting the days to the last ever season of The Vampire Diaries. Word is going around that although Elena Gilbert will be returning to the show, there will be no “Delena” moments. This has disappointed many of The Vampire Diaries fans, including myself. So what is to come if there is no “Delena”… Contains Spoilers!

Rumours floating around about the show say Elena is to fall into the arms of Stefan (Paul Wesley once again and not our lovable, badass Damon). This has shocked many of us to the very core, as we all want to see Damon get his girl and live happily ever after.

As we know, there have also been rumours that some of our beloved “TVD” cast will be joining The Originals. According to Parent Herald, because it’s been said that Elena and Stefan fall into each others arms, it could pave the way for Caroline (Candice King) to reunite with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Let’s be fair though we all wanted to see the sweet little vamp and the hybrid end up together anyhow.

It was never a secret that Stefan still holds a huge torch for Elena and always has. I don’t think his love for her ever faded so really it’s a plausible rumour that the “Selena” may reunite, don’t you think? Who could forget the moment Damon told his brother Stefan that he burnt Elena to ashes, his reaction was one of pure heartbreak. Lets watch that moment again:

Thankfully though, it was just an illusion and Elena didn’t perish at the hands of Damon. Its been said that Damon will end up darker than ever before in this season due to being trapped by the evil known as Sybil but I now can’t help wonder if Elena and Stefan will have a hand in this evil Damon also.

I truly hope that these rumors are just rumors and “Delena” will get their happy ending but I don’t know if this is going to happen due to the feud between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Could the two maybe put their differences aside to give the fans the ending they so badly hope for? Or will we watch all open-mouthed as Stefan steals the girl back? I guess we will find out in Season 8.

Who are you backing? Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena?


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