Mother Russia Bleeds Review, Windows Steam Edition

Growing up a brawler fan I knew I had to review Mother Russia Bleeds .  Let me get this out right now though, I am not a fan of this “pixel” look that more and more developers are going for instead of trying to push better graphics out.  It is played out now- time to move on to another art style.  With that being said, Mother Russia Bleeds is well, it is no Streets of Rage or Final Fight but it certainly holds its own in different ways than many competitors have tried. Playstation 4 owners, you will have to wait till later this year to get your chance.  Devolver Digital and Le Cartel Studio are going to take brawler fans to hell and back and it is one awesome ride. 

First, Mother Russia Bleeds is TOUGH.  This is no punch, kick and jump kick your way through type of brawler.  Nope.  Here you are going to have to use your brains as much as your use your attack buttons.  Rushing in and attacking is only going to get you back to the title screen faster than you realize.

Set in an alternate 80’s Russia, one that Dolph Lundgren probably best represented in his acting skills, Mother Russia Bleeds is balls to the wall action.  You are one of four Gypsy street fighters that are hooked on a Russian mafia drug called Nekro.  This stuff is bad and it is messing with you throughout your fight.

First, if you are going to play Mother Russia Bleeds get Joy2Key or some other keyboard to controller program.  Playing with a keyboard is hell on the fingers and you will die more often due to it.  Second, get a controller for those same reasons.  Combos are effortless and entertaining but they require precise timing and setup of the enemy (there is not a shortage of those).

The enemies run the gamut of “um what the hell” to huge beasts that will hand you your butt if you are not at least a little bit defensive in your play style.  Take careful approaches to the bigger bad guys or you will fall short repeatedly.  Did I mention Mother Russia Bleeds is tough?  Take the difficulty of Streets of Rage 1 and multiply it about 10 times while playing as Blaze and you will have an idea of the challenge that awaits you.

If you are not into blood and guts ala Splatterhouse then you will probably not enjoy your time in Mother Russia Bleeds.  Beating opponents bloody, sometimes to a pulp, is the norm here so get used to it or go back to Streets of Rage or Final Fight.

Mother Russia Bleeds by Devolver Digital
Genre: Brawler
Platform: Windows via Steam digital distribution
Rated: Rating Pending but I am sure it is going to be Mature
Available now on Steam digital distribution servce

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