Boredom Busters for a Rainy Day

With the Autumn coming in hard and fast, the weather is turning. Here is a list of boredom busters which we use in the Craftymum household on a rainy day. I hope you enjoy them and give them a go.

Puddle Jumping:

Just because its raining does not mean you have to stay stuck indoors. Get your little ones to grab their coats, wellies, hats and umbrellas and go for a splash. you will be surprised at how much kids love the rain once they start playing in it. Once done get the home for a nice warm bath and some hot chocolate.

Art with bubbles:

The kids will be amazed with this fun little activity. Simply add some food colouring to some bubble mix, give it a stir and your set. All you need now is some paper and some little monsters to join in with the fun. The bubble splat make some amazing patterns and why not try a few different colours too.

Board game fun:

Get into your cupboards and blow the dust off the old board games. Why not go to the pound store and get some little party bag filler surprises to give to the winners. I find games like Pig Goes Pop are perfect for the little ones of the house and twister fo the older ones.

Get messy:

Kids love getting messy so why not pull out the paints and do some very cool hand and footprints to put on your wall. Its amazing what you can achieve with a little paint and a lot of imagination.

Build a fort:

Nothing is more fun than having a little fort of their own, where they can take in toys and have a secret password to enter their domain. All you will need is a blanket and something to put it over. try putting 2 couches back to back but apart. drape the blanket over the top and there you have it a blanket fort fit for some bored little monsters. I tend to use my daughters old travel cot as it has a zipper door on it. I just set it up, drape the blanket on top and there you have it the perfect blanket fort.

Make a plastic cup castle:

All you need are plastic cups and someone to sit and stack them.

Make art with the rain:

cut shapes of coloured tissue paper and get the children to place them onto a piece of paper with a tray under it. Now for the fun part: get them to pop in to the garden or yard with their tray into the rain, and watch the paper get wet. once its wet, Get the little ones to peel the wet tissue from the paper to see their colourful art work. let it dry and hang it up.

Sock Puppet:

Everyone has odd socks in their home,and i am sure our washer eats them. Why not put the odd socks to good use and make a fun sock puppet with the kids.


Don’t under-estimate the power of crayons and a colouring book. Kids will sit for hours colouring in their favourite pictures.

Snuggle up and read a book:

Spend some quiet time listening to the rain and reading a rainy day book. Children and parents both love snuggle cuddle time.



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