XFL To Make Return Nearly 20 Years After First Attempt

The WWE, owned by Titan Sports whose board of directors is headed by Vince McMahon, is about to have some company in the portfolio of the corporation. It seems that Vince McMahon has decided to bring back the XFL, a failed attempt at an NFL alternative nearly 20 years ago. As with any business venture, there is more than what is on the surface.

“The new XFL is an exciting opportunity to re-imagine America’s favorite sport,” said McMahon in a statement. “As we move towards kickoff, we look forward to listening and implementing innovative ideas from players, coaches, medical experts, technology executives, the media and most importantly football fans.”

The initial attempt at the XFL was rushed to market on so many levels. Things didn’t have a polished appearance in many regards. From what I have gathered about this newest incarnation is that McMahon has learned from those mistakes.

XFL scheduled to return in 2020.

What is interesting about this though, WWE have clarified to CBS Sports that this is not a Titan Sports/WWE product. Rather, this is solely a Vince McMahon project. To fund this new endeavor, McMahon has sold nearly 3.34 million shares of WWE stock (estimated value is around $100 million dollars). This money is being used to start a new company, Alpha Entertainment, which will be the parent for the XFL.

Furthering the advancement of this idea, Alpha Entertainment have acquired several XFL trademarks that WWE let go of between 2002 and 2005, according to CBS Sports.

Alpha Entertainment released the following statement:

This is the future. This is not the past. This is the future. And the future moves fast. This is quicker, simpler. Rules, reformed. This is your game safer. This is football reborn. This is gaming and fantasy, this is padded roulette. Make a trade, make a team, make a move, make a bet. This is fans above all. This is maximum action. Less stall more ball. Fewer infractions. This begins in 2020. The future is near. More access. More everyone. More everything here. This is our moment, our story to tell. This is history begun. This is the XFL.

How will this differ from the NFL? Well, to begin with, there will only be eight league owned teams. The season will be about 10 games long, followed by two semifinal games and then a championship game. As before, winning will be incentivized. The LA Times reports that the new XFL games will be shorter, faster paced, and easier to understand than NFL events.

Also, apparently players will adhere to the “time-honored tradition to stand and appreciate the national anthem.” Could this be a selling point to bring in disgruntled fans over the NFL situation concerning the national anthem? It certainly would not be the first time that McMahon has been at the forefront of controversy.

Speaking of controversy, according to USA Today, no players in the XFL will be allowed to have any criminality to their names, as little as a DUI could disqualify a player.

Now we must wonder, how will the XFL be aired? Will Alpha Entertainment bother with a network partner like they did with NBC? Will Alpha Entertainment instead go for a streaming partner such as Hulu, or even the WWE Network as a distribution partner for the XFL content? According to CNN.com McMahon has stated that XFL content will be available to stream to “big screens, mobile devices and everything in between.” This still doesn’t answer if XFL content will be available on any television network and hints to an online presence of sorts.


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